Color Infrared Photography Tutorial (IR)

or copy the link – Hoya IR 72 Filter I also talk about it a little more in depth in my Trick Photography and Special Effects E-Book:


Jolanda Iridea says:

Evening! Have you tested photo sfxart tricks (do a search on google)? My cooworker Ellena made some extraordinary photos with their video lessons.

XXXxxxGAVESxxxXXX says:

Go on youtube and you’ll find out how to turn the red photo into a “false-colored” one. I found out how to process the red photo with the photo extremist ebook, but you might find something on youtube,

XXXxxxGAVESxxxXXX says:

Hello i have a question, Im thinking of getting the Nikon 35mm f/2 (FX) lens for my Nikon D600. I know the lens performs the best (in comparison to 20, 24, 28mm lenses) with IR, but do you think it is a good focal length for landscapes generally?

Isaac Antwi says:

I think he means Foliage 😀 … thats stands for plants and what not

cubefreak93 says:

any idea how they will work on photographing people?

AKmemphis47 says:

Eating and talking is not a good habit

Destinatious says:

Much more darker and much more brighter..?

HybriDetaiL says:

My photos come out all red.. am I doing something wrong?

exzemoron says:

I am a begginer in photography. I don’t have a slr camera yet. Today I discovered thatt hdr photos can be also taken with a digital camera as long it supports a EV function. So..can be IR photos also taken with digital camera? Sorry 4 probably stupid question but I am a begginer…And I’ve been told that the most stupid question is the one you do not ask… 😉

ashishinus says:

What planet do you live in?. seriously!!!
i cant find any good landscape to shoot, well i have not seen it yet.
Note to self:i need to get out more

Right2PwnProductions says:

Thinking about trying some IR pictures. Is a Hoya 55mm RM-72 IR filter something I should consider for a Nikon D3100?

JohntheDrumBum says:


PhotoExtremist says:

foh hoy eye lee iage

sanmusa says:

What the hell is foylage?

Anders Olsen says:

Where can i get my camera modified?

pjos111 says:

I have just started to use the R72 but I have to make the pictures B&W as there does not seem to be any colour?They are very RED even after I push the white balance slider over as far as possible to the blue side. Can you help please?


DepartedPictures says:

Usually theres an IR filter on the sensor so it cuts it out. For normal photography this is much better because the infrared light can make your picture worse, so the most expensive cameras usually can’t do IR photography unless you convert them, but cheap cameras have worse IR filters or no filter at all on their sensors, therefore they’re better for IR photography.

Soap1O says:

I just tried it myself so you can definitely talk IR images but I don’t know how sensitive it is it seemed bright.

Carlos13S says:

does it works with canon t3i????

Adrian Cardenas says:

But the D50 is much more expensive though =(

TheVarveklis says:

my IR filter just arrived from china!

FAndreee says:

Yeah the pic at 14 secs 😉

amazinggadgets says:

Great tutorial

spacerad says:

is not a tutorial is a poor advertisment

knkkohl says:

you should remake this video!

01677037520 says:

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