Photography – Mixing Color with Infrared (Photoshop Tutorial)

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Infrared Photography Filter: For the full Color IR Tutorial, please visit


silverkenon says:

finally a to-the-point photoshop tutorial

truly0madly0deeply says:

U r the reason i bought a DSLR thnx a lot for sharing all of ur creativity with us

Reniel Cadondon says:

ur the man!!!!!!

Yeasin Arafat says:

Hello, are you familiar with “MagicSFXphoto” (google it)? On their website you can watch a good free video explaining the best way to create brilliant pictures. It made it possible for Daniel to shoot photos that have that wow-effect while you look at them. It may help you also.

startphotography says:

Awesome video. Thanks for the tutorial!

PhotoExtremist says:

If you want to take regular portraits in IR, it would be best to convert your camera so you can take shots are short shutter speeds (no blur)

fathergreen says:

how do you do portraits with infrared, since you need a color photo first….the subject moves! :
even in nature shots u need to be fast or else wind will be a problem that moves everything no?

2109bandanita says:

can u teach me how to add 2 different layers..

PhotoExtremist says:

khromagery . com . au / ir_raw . html

cjgan80 says:

I tried playing with my cameras white balance and all that , but it keeps coming out red… yours is blue… >_<

warpowers1861 says:

cut and paste?? no options in ps4 I hate photoshop it is user unfriendly. Too many differen6t versions that have totally hidden menus. kill the programmers at adobe they suck balls

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