Photoshop HDR Tutorial

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A normal workflow of livening up a flat image into an HDR style masterpiece


hinterstella says:

I wanted to watch this but that god-awful mouse-clicking was driving me insane.

Steve Nielsen says:

Background noise, jumpy screen, crazy loud mouse, and very quick through the steps = thumbs down

ThePixelGangster says:

/watch?v=Et5-wO767Xo&feature=g-upl —>>>> ♥♥♥ HDDDRRR Tutorial 😛

skyking166 says:

I’m a student by trade, and so I’ve come to an understand that the best way for most students to learn is 1. Understand what they’re learning 2. Inspired to learn. Just a different perspective 😀

Dragonmk188 says:

Good tutorial but please kill that mouse I almost killed my self.

Clarence Yang says:

good tutorial, easy understanding for beginner …

allamericangirl2000 says:

Thank you showing this, I really appreciate it!! I do think you may have mumbled a little too much and went over the steps REALLY fast (I’m a teacher by trade and so I’ve learned to 1. slow down and 2. repeat myself. A LOT).

But nonetheless, this is fantastic – thanks again!

ozzymuzzy246 says:

lol @8:05

redavusa says:

when making a video, stop the taskbar from popping up & down–just fix it so the screen doesn’t constantly bounce around

Miki9899 says:

**** 4 stars
A good starting point & intro for beginners in HDR. Now it’s time to go to work!

xTB0NEx says:

sir… i love you. thanks so much for the tutorial!

Mike duce says:

Hey, I came across this awesome guide that alot of professionals use to take amazing/trick shot photographs. I just want to share with you all because it seriously helped me out tremendously. I feel like a professional now lol! I even sold some of my work for some good money!
Just Google ( Monster Snag ) under [ Photography ] to see what I mean.
You are very Welcome! 🙂

ATTO2020 says:

it’s a sneeze 

mdjmcneill says:

Interesting, I liked the video and watched it all, but you need to explain what the various settings mean, not just say ‘Do this and then do that, set this to 250, no…500’. You have a good teaching style, but try to put yourself in the shoes of the the pupil and explain why you are choosing a particular effect and exactly what that effect is having on the image. Overall grade: B – room for improvement 🙂

wparo says:

The worst mouse EVER + your bunged up polypy monotone voice + unbearable speed + lack of explanation = the worst tutorial ever

ThePYLESOS says:

WTF at 8:04

NickDubuisson says:

the mouse clicking is unbearable

Ryan Mina says:

After watching this so called “tutorial” I never want to use Photoshop ever again.

dantiri says:

I had a mouse that made that sound in 1982

hdrphotolover says:

try this site it helps alot ””

Robert Hellings says:

Get a new mouse man, that was driving me crazy.

FutureLaugh says:

dude your mouse clicker sounds like a gatorade cap, its driving me crazy

Mark Talbot says:

Agree with the speed. More explanation of the exact changes, slower clicking, so we don’t have to constantly pause/rewind. Act as if the viewer has never done this before, and don’t make assumptions. Explain the steps more thoroughly. All in all a good direction and accurate tutorial, but you just need some tips on how the pace of good tutorials run. Thanks, and look forward to other posts.

Fuchsss says:

I can see you know what you’re doing. But you can’t teach: It’s much too fast, sorry. Seems as if you made this only for yourself.

MrsEmilyStraw says:

Very helpful. Looking forward to giving it a try!

itsgauravkumar says:

You were super fast. Cant follow steps even after reversing the video. I quit.

shanetralee says:

im lost within a minute and the mouse clicking is annoying

xBeautifulOrdinaryx says:

One minute in and i’m already lost. I’m using CS4 and none of the first step is the same :/

pelermon says:

The Pez mouse is just fine. We know when your clicking.
Great Tutorial.
I can see I have A LOT to learn.

notoncemoreagain says:

Without being HDR, I am impressed. I’ve got $2,000 worth of camera that can bracket 9 shots at a .3 stop interval, specialized HDR software… and I would be proud to have produced that image. Absolute kudos. And I agree with everyone about your mouse. Haha.

Vince Celestial says:

Ball operated mouse from 1850’s.

warrengonline says:

Ohh lord!! What.. Your mouse has bucket teeth? Fix it! I almost stopped the video because if it… I actually fast forwarded to the end. ANNOYING!

Other than that, nice video.

Iron14678 says:

The people who ‘dislike’ this can’t do it…

acguevara says:

not hdr

lacrahuntington says:

@Dunkelfleisch lol that was someone sneezing pretty bad, That’s the highlight of the video!
BTW you rock dude, I wish you were my psd teacher @ my school, great tutorial!!

UrFavoriteWeapon1 says:

that mouse….

PhilOfPaRaDoX says:

Mouse from he’ll!

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