20 Essential Things for Landscape Photography

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Kai shows us what he might take on a landscape shoot with him and gives a few tips on how to get a lovely sunset shot.


pushflinch96 says:

Some of the shit you say is fucking hilarious. Keep the videos coming, I love watching them. :)

Nick Villarreal says:

the t3i has a ef-s mount which can have both ef and ef-s mount lens. the full frame cameras have a ef mount which can only have ef lens

Matt Whitby says:

Why do people like Kai so much. I just don’t get it. He comes across as such an idiot.

Borgdatanode says:

Hi guys!

Want to do take cool photos without leaving your desk? Then check out my new blog! You won’t be dissapointed, I promise.


Mabel Gls says:

Hahaha So why is the word “fuck” censored (which by the way I love how they censor it) but he can say shit all day long. lol I think it’d be more fun if he wasn’t censored. Hah

Seanisdabom says:


Videodrome06 says:

I like those ND filters, who makes them?

Ariel Beatrice says:

Good morning! Have you tried photo sfxart tricks (do a search on google)? My friend Jack made some unbelivable photos with their video tutorials.

Ray ofbeed says:

ur mom was paid to give birth 2 u but v dont complaint bout that bitch

Kyle Harrelson says:

I’m getting the canon t3i since it has an EF mount does that mean its compatable with only EF lenses?

TheAceMax97 says:

Apple Maps, you never let your customers down 😛

hidebutcher says:

Iphone is for morons

omgpaulthompson says:

I’m sure you are!

king0kong says:

squirting white stuffs all over her arm is just so kinky…i admit i don’t come here to watch Kai, i come for the “assistant”

Tiggz1551 says:

I wish I could be as good as kai 🙁

Rui Pinto says:

Congrats! Those where some really epic shots! 😮

dangtu253 says:

don’t you wish you have job like that??? just have fun and get pay….

playstationfreak2598 says:

love the shot at 15:05 kai!

Can Ozmen says:

Fake Raid Off.

BlueSun1971 says:

Does he ever actually open and drink his warm coke or just hold it?

BlueSun1971 says:

thats the last accent i expected when i clicked this video

MediaClubGroup says:

“just rub it in a bit”

yraenironheart says:

Didn’t say you were unwelcome to state your opinion. It’s just that what you want is to make each episode four seconds long, and not really much different to the billion other boring old videos already on youtube. I find his rambling entertaining. Ultimately I don’t watch it for the gear. I watch it because it’s funny.

rkevic says:

#21 make some jokes for the moment lol

DancingLobster1 says:

what is that hands on light called? and where could i get one?

bwmphotography says:

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Jeremy Arsenault says:

phowtows… i love you Kai :D

chongchai1 says:

pls do cityscape…

BrownHarper1991 says:

what type of camera do you prefer Kai

Babyableful says:

you are wrong, stupid, the comments are for ALL kinds of comments… positives, or negatives, you are just another retarded person

ngyuan98 says:

This is Digitalrev . We love it !! You don’t like it then fuck off.

Eric Dan says:

what? only positive feedback is welcome?

Metli94 says:

You have a zit on the top of your nose.

MegaDarchole says:

go watch ultra geek videos then, cool people watch to laugh

Pranay Mhatre says:

amazingly the 30 sec exposure n those bastards doesnt moves at all ehehehehehehehehehehe lols
😛 14:29 secs

TS50ER says:

Great episode. I love the humour combined with informative instruction. Bravo!

cr0mecat says:

love you longtime mosquitotime 

stijnservaes says:

He was expecting nice weather. He just says that it isn’t what he expected

13BnikAs says:

anyone recommend any square nd filters?

4inoj4inoj says:

to do lanscape phooooootoooooooooos, here we go

Tyler Stooksbury says:

This is great since Kai is does landscape photography normally.

stephansyed says:

Where can I find the filters Kai was using??

darkspeed62 says:

Funniest part rofl… 11:56 LMAO

ShrunkenMidget says:

The weather part is rubbish, the worst weather often makes for the best and most dramatic photos instead of just full on sunshine and blue skies over and over you can get some incredible shots with the slight glimmer of sunlight/splash of rain or hazy clouds passing over

genie47 says:

Now that’s pretty wide. One is on the northeastern end and the other on the southwestern end. The whole of Hong Kong! Hahaha!

missgirlygirllygirl says:

it is either in sai kung or lantau:)

ericopop1 says:

Can you make a review on the Cokin ND filters? Why should people get these expensive original Cokin ND/gradual filters but not the cheap 3rd party alternatives?

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