An Introduction to High-Magnification Macro Photography

or copy the link A relatively brief introduction to high magnification macrophotography or arthropods. To see more of my work, go to or


Yu2beFool says:

The way you talk about your pictures, makes it seem as if it is easy to make photographs like that – which I’m pretty sure it is not.
Still they are amazing photo’s and you sure know how impress me.

Tim Kiesling says:

awesome video 🙂

Twgatana says:

I just got myself a 100mm 2.8 macro lens with 1to1 magnification, can you tell me what i need to do to get SUCH a high magnification? Thanks a million if you respond 🙂

Fuensanta Villalobos Bernal says:


Galf506 says:

if he did use an extension tube and a reverse 28mm, there would be no useful exif to see.

tscholent says:

I dare say , you know your stuff and the results are magnificent…

caed93 says:

Hi. Clearly you’ve done a brilliant job in this video. Can you share your exif data for the pictures you’ve taken. That’ll help some people learning more about macro photography. Thanks!

Adrian Frost says:


thomiccor says:

Awesome video!

maxter000 says:

great vid thanks for sharing 😉

Javier Romero says:


Mano12345ish says:

gr8t work..Bt i believe it has loads of photoshop in it!!which is a turn off

Andre Gous says:

Lovely photos and great video

Sebelfisch says:

Those are some of the most outstanding pictures I’ve ever seen mate! What type of lense will I need to take such great photos?

MrSeops says:

thanks thomas, so relaxing to hear your voice and watch your work

Sameeran Nath says:

How do u edit your photos ?? Please do a tutorial on that. 🙂

tedduerksen says:

did you have to do any editing to make these photos?

catey62 says:

I have a set of them for my camera,and though you can get some great macro photo’s with them,as I have,you would need to use the kind of set up he has,something I hope to do in the near future.

catey62 says:

I’m not sure what he would be using,I’ve been looking around for some for my Nikon,and you can get them with or without contacts,but if you reverse your lens like he does,then you can only focus manually.

catey62 says:

Lol…I agree…his voice is so calm and someone else said..they could go to sleep listening to him talking about horseflies and jumping spiders 🙂

catey62 says:

It is beautiful…makes me sad that there’s so much hate and fighting,and bad things happening in the world…thats what I love about getting out with my camera,I lose myself in what I’m taking photo’s of,and looking for things that we dont normally take notice of,and it helps me to forget everything for a while,and the kind of world we live in.

Pierre Joubert says:

Very nice pics!!! I am interested in macro photography, mostly mineral specimens.

mattbakerg says:

Hah I think you got that expression wrong… but I see where you were going with it

Isaiah Stevens says:

This is just awesome. Life is beautiful, too bad some people take it for granite.

Gianni Luccheo says:

i just love your photos…

JemaKnight says:

Wow, this is… Well I mean I… I’ve never thought insects were beautiful before.

TheLordSibley says:

1.27 “Get something usable out of them” Far to modest.
Awesome images.

BAGHEAD1995 says:

Amazing work man!

sixDUMBbeaners says:

I thought I would say that spiders and flies were beautiful…

19993khk says:

can you show us how you set up your equipment?..i have a macro lens (100mm 2.8L IS), and i find ring flashes to be pretty expensive , and your flashed seemed very intresting

markpianoman says:

Phenomenal photography of phenomenal creations……

Juan Pablo Bayona Galvis says:

You are a great photographer, and too calm at the same time, and also you know how to express that calm to the photographers out there, calm that macrophotography really needs. Great job.

missfluffykitten1 says:

These pictures are amazing. I look forward to seeing your tutorials.

BTubly says:

What is the song

Jeroquai says:

great shots!!!!

Felix Cabristante says:

Hi Thomas,

I am not a photographer yet but I am starting liking to be like one because of the very inspiring photographs that I found in flickr and youtube about all types of Photography. One of the best I found is your photography specially in Macro, your photography is incomparable. I really really like details of all your photographs. Thank you for sharing your talent.


Really nice shots. I admire your skill (and patience). There’s scarcely anything harder than trying to photograph a subject that keeps moving around in a macro shot.

TheInzaie says:

So you have 2 extension tubes I guess, and a 28mm lens (wich precisely?). But you have to do all manually I guess. How do you manage to do the focus so good manually??

青面獸 青面獸 says:

Tom, please forgive me, you are a great photographer no doubt about that. however its not just talent , having the right equipment does contribute a lot to the job, most of the great photographers normally say , its the talent not the equipment, I totally think thats a complete horse shit because having the right lens, lights, camera , magnification acc give you the right opportunity to take such photos , most of us don’t have this opportunity to spend such huge amount of money. 

Mike Scott says:

Most excellent Tom. I have followed your work for quite some time.

Leonardo Abreu says:

I wanna do that! Amazing photos… The best macro i ever seen

highskyeagle says:

Thumbs up if you also blinked @ 4:00

tysy73 says:

These photos are amazing. Thanks for posting.

jeffaranas7 says:

that is awesome and very patient.

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