Canon 550D T2i HDR Tutorial and Some Cool Video Footage

or copy the link I was up in the mountains over the 4th of July and got some cool video footage using my ND filter from Light Craft Workshop and my Canon T2i 550d. I want to get better at HDR with my Canon so in this video I show you another attempt which I think came out pretty good this time. This entire video was shot with the Canon 28-135mm lens – all hand held with no special stabilization rig hardware. The IS and using slow motion can give you really good smooth hand held shots. Music from Nu-ka_feat_Voskresenie creative commons. ND Filter used in this video:


nmarkus666 says:

I just purchased a T2i and I love love it. Are you still enjoying yours?

jor bonta says:

Hi Dve I’m just buying my T2i the best for a few bucks very impressive machine I was confused what to buy between T2i/60D/7D but for me is enough my T2i shooting with Sigma 17/70 mm F2.8-4 last version lens let me know please What do you think about my kit like you say in your video sensor is the same so not big deal only in features

in2universe says:

i think your shots are great but you could improve with how to blend them together. Thanks this video helped me a lot!

Traveler Men says:

great lesson, video, and russian song) Hello from Russia!)) 

moish91 says:

Hey Dave whats that Song the starts at 7:01??? It’s beautiful

Subverttech4 says:

How did you process your HDR photos? I keep hearing that there are different ways to do it. :/

Alfredo Lainez says:

Awsome Video Got the 550d too and i want a telephoto zoom lens the 18-135mm is its ok for you? cause i don’t have many bucks u know.. greetings from Honduras C.A.

5uneyes says:

Hi Dave, thanks so much for sharing your videos, thanks really a lot, you’re nice, clear and humble… it’s a pleasure to learn with you. Keep it up!

Federico Jair says:

hi there!
cool vid
im about to buy this camera soon… i was wondering how you shoot the 4th july footage… 720p 60 frames? how do you got that awesome slowmo

Mike Adams says:

RAW is essentially the equivalent of a digital ‘negative’. It just means you have control over most of the settings – such as color balance, white balance, contrast, exposure, saturation, etc – as if they were applied when the picture was first taken. When the camera saves the picture as a JPEG file, it is compressed, and the ability to control these elements as seamlessly is diminished. Saving in RAW+JPEG just gives you a copy of both, so you don’t have to process each individual file.

VorrX Pistol says:

too bad and unhelpful !

Dan Engel says:

what is the significance of RAW. What is the difference between RAW, JPEG, and RAW+JPEG

IBx27 says:

Thanks for the video! Does the T2i put all three shots together on-camera, or do you need to glue them together in Photoshop or something? Just bought my T2i as my first DSLR and I’m looking forward to getting some great shots!

Stephen O'Brien says:

Nice Video tutorial -Although I have a T3i I learned a few good tips thanks !
Now I know the camera is cleaver enough to shoot 3 frames straight when we set the + _ 2 exposure

roswellmajestic12 says:

Hi Dave firstly thanks for the great video, due to your video I have just taken my first test shots. I have one question though, you use manual focus, does this work if we use your settings however use “auto focus” instead of manual?

Thanks again,,,

rpons541 says:

The best Canon tutorial I’ve ever seen! Good Job!

angelaineyvonne says:

Hi, can i do this with my canon eos 550d?

tutoriales3minutos says:

Nice, but how do i get my t3i to shoot 3 frames straight ?

otekki says:

How did you get the smooth slow motion at the end of this video? Mine never looks smooth. Use a 600D

Kearnzeeh says:

he recorded the bikers before hahahaha then edited it in with it..

SpankyBurrito says:

I don’t understand a lot of the terminologies damn

Yes2GodNoreligion says:

How did you get 3 shots with 1 press of a button?
Russian folk music on the background sounded pretty cool. 🙂

Carlodimaximus says:

very helpful vids.. great stuff, very pro. You are my new friend now =)

JRothVideos says:

my father is getting me a t2i as a gift with an 18-135mm lens. this video is getting me so excited to use it. thanks!

GigantGatlingGun says:

whats the name of the song at the end?

BLiNKzfilms says:

can i ask what software u use to edit? great tut

syed usman shamim says:

hi there, thanks for sharing your video, can you or some one plz tell me is there nay way to merge 3 pics in the camera, without moving them to computer ? or if its not possible then which is the easiest way to merge 3 pics, thanks 🙂

KriegerBlitzed says:

hey dave when you shoot in video mode do you use manuel focus or auto focus…..

Fediaization says:

WOW! Russian folk song? It’s imposible!
Thanks for video :)

Dave Dugdale says:

yes it is standard.

sannic89 says:

Im about to purchase a T2i. Does that “3rds” or “Gridline” come as a standard feature on the T2i or was that from Magic Lantern? Just curious, because I would like to have this feature when i get mine next month

onesumph says:

are you still using Photomatix to combine you shots

hdrphotolover says:

try this site it helps alot ””

hdrphotolover says:

try this site it helps alot ””

rastablader says:

Is the “Finished HDR” edited on a program? Thanks

JofeAmoraw says:

Okay, so what’s the song used at the end of the video? 🙂

Vantlor says:

Good stuff as usual. Always enjoy the casual presentation style you use. Sorry about all the negative replies people are posting.

Dave Dugdale says:

sorry that you don’t like it, I was just sharing my stuff with others.

zoobiewa says:

It’s a bit lame how you say “I… in the past underexposed… now I’m going to overexpose…” without giving any explanation for why you do what you do. Are you some sort of robot. I believed in you before but I just got skeptical.

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