Canon 5D Mark II vs Canon 7D Field Test Hands-on Review

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In this video, we take a look at two Canon DSLRs – the Canon EOS 7D and the Canon EOS 5D Mark II. If you’ve got either one of the triple digit-D or double digit-D DSLRs from Canon, which of the two makes the ideal body to upgrade to? We take them out to compare some of the best bits of each camera…but the weather takes a turn for the worst. Find out to see if these cameras survive the Hong Kong Typhoons. Pricing Reference: Canon 5D Mk II – Canon 7D –


ghettocumquats says:

I believe they’re in Hong Kong.

SynthSky says:

What city is this? It’s beautiful.

Taufan Ardhinata says:

canon camera with nikon necklace

thebasedrummer says:

take the 7d. (: totally worth it

zebu1337 says:

Complaining about the water quality and then throwing rubbish into the water is idiotic.

Love your videos though, informative as usual.

Lenine Petit says:

Which one should I buy 7 d or 5d?

Steve Mason says:

Real-world photographers need to shoot in the driving rain, so it’s a valid, reasonable test. If he’d have dropped it in a river, then yes I’d agree with the “idiot” comment. But the conditions he was shooting in aren’t much different from something a news or sports photog would be out in. Even wildlife photographers hit those conditions.

Ola Loennechen says:

I would really laughed my ass off if he lost one of the cameras into the water at 02:00

gorkha pdel says:

i want to buy,but where is it in japan?

ThePantsManYEEAH says:

CONT FROM BELOW: permeating everything. Your an idiot. If they are your cameras, my appologies for incorrect assumptions, but you’re still an idiot.

ThePantsManYEEAH says:

Weather proof doesn’t mean water proof. They will resist water to a point but you still need to use common sense. These are likely not your cameras so I say doing what you did is arrogant and a dick move, having them in the rain like that. You should respect them even more if they don’t belong to you but you seem to think that means you can do things like leave body caps off while you open the shutter in one of the worst environments you could: strong winds by the ocean with fine salt spray per

Robert Bas says:

Don’t Fly Away 8:03 LOL

CreativeCubeMedia says:

It’s a very tough choice… I guess the final factor will come to either the crop or full frame…

But is it worth an extra $500 just for full frame? This is something I’m still contemplating on

thephotosisters says:

interesting review! we just ordered the canon 7d, and already have the 5d mii – i’m actually really excited for the 7d

Nico Achkasov says:


iGrizzliestBear says:

Especially after he noticed the used condom, syringes, and pants being in the water, earlier in the video. You’d tend to think after noticing that stuff in the water, you wouldn’t litter and add to it, ya know?
Totally agree with you.

iGrizzliestBear says:

@7:28 Looking at where he was walking, I was hoping he was going to take that picture of the people at the end of the walk way, and he did. It turned out to be one awesome shot! I almost felt like I took it.

IdentifiedProduction says:

@Artamerican doesnt mean we singaporean we have singlish accent.

artamerican says:

No, most of HK people can not speak with british accent english, they speak the so called chingish, meaning english with a chinese accent, just like the way singaporean speak english, with a twisted accent !

thewhistlerkid says:

but who would care if you have all the cameras you could ever want.

blucocaine says:

Could you tell me what camera you use to film the videos?

MrLBJIsKing says:

It’s surprising, because this is the first time I HAVE seen an Asian with this type of accent, and now it’s no surprise to me that the British owned(or is ow owning) tons of countries in every continent(except North America and Antarctica)

JesCluff says:

While the Mark II has a better quality, as a dance photographer, I gotta have the speed of the 7D.

Smardaz says:

Kind of a jack ass move to purposely throw an umbrella in the water for the sake of comedy

skyking166 says:

then what’s surprising about Asian with English Accent? Educational system in Hong Kong teaches the British English

MrLBJIsKing says:

Hmm, The British pretty much owned everything and everyone…

T3hTroll says:

Which is best for photographing gay pornography?

MrAcornBurrka says:

5d mark 2 hands down.

Ben Millanz says:

which one is best for video capturing?

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