Canon EOS 7D DSLR review

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Full review at . A 16 minute HD tour around the Canon EOS 7D, the company’s latest semi-pro DSLR, featuring Live View, HD video and fast continuous shooting. For my full review with comparisons, sample images and video,results and current pricing, please click the link at the start of this text or visit cameralabs . com. If you have any questions regarding this review, feel free to post on the Cameralabs forum!


mingorino says:

Thanks for the review! I enjoyed it.

cameralabs says:

Of the two I prefer the 15-85mm for the wider coverage, the USM focusing and the slightly better quality. But the 18-135mm is great if you need the extra reach and won’t be buying a telephoto for a while… I’ve reviewed them both at cameralabs . com, so check them out!

Tashan Macasa says:

Hey gordon! 🙂 I’ve been planning to buy this camera but wondering if which kind of lens would be best for it? 🙂 should i go for 15-85mm or 18-135mm? 

UberDurable says:

Why just a mono mic? Can a stereo external mic be attached?

Ashriel Olimpo says:

This is by far the best investment I have ever made.

AleTheHOUSEwife says:

great vid! I have been saving for a lifetime to get a 5d mark ii and I still haven’t got the money, lol (I’m a phd student…). This makes me consider seriously the possibility to get a 7d. I see it’s not the same thing but maybe I don’t even need the 5dMkii,everyone keeps telling me “if you can’t afford it you don’t need it”. And I’m just an amateur,so maybe this is true… thanks for sharing!

lceYourPimpHand says:

A leprechaun!

Shynn Ng says:

Make more review, really loves it.. very informative

Goober2Tuber says:

Very good

yogstoriodor says:

What is the location? Thanks for sharing your insights!

Eric Silver says:

No, it’s a crop sensor camera.

iaregoldman says:

is the 7d full frame?

khayirel says:

Always love your review video Gordon. Realy hope you make a camera review again.

cameralabs says:

I’m afraid I don’t know, BUT there is a big camera show at the end of September, so if you’re in any doubt, you may want to wait until all the announcements between how nd then are made.

JacksterLark says:

I’m interested in buying this around the holidays. Do you still think that it might be replaced or could it be cheaper by then? Thanks Gordon.

DanielGClapp says:

They just upgraded the firmware. A 7D MKII won’t be coming out for a while. If the camera suits all your needs, you should go for it!

Ramtin K says:

this is a wicked review m8… great details:) thanks for this.

TheSamantha70 says:

Oh, bytheway i also purchased a 100-400mm f4.5- 5.6 zoom lens for my 7d but still havent got a tripod! Im considering the Giottos MTL9251B with a MH 5011 head for Blackpool illuminations in september.Would this combination be adequate for the weight of those?

TheSamantha70 says:

Hello, i bought the 7D in march and im generally very happy with it!However i want to do some short films with it and upload them to you tube but to my dismay, even for films of under a minute,its taking hours to upload them.Is there a way around this problem?Im not very technical but have heard that the films need compressing,how do i do this?Thanks in advance!

Nicholas Cage says:

they wont bump the price down that much-ever. they will just introduce the “new 7D” as more expensive. the t3i is still the same price, while the t4i comes in at 1000 now. I just bought this camera, and i dont expect the price to go lower than 1400 for another year, when they bump the “new 7D”‘s price down.

birdgeekguy says:

man i want this camera! but i dont have 1500 stinkin BIGBUCKS! (sorry for that) i just hope they bump the price down to at least $850

iCTechReviews says:

Yes, but your comment has been around for sometime now also.

Goldmember655 says:

Ive got this camera in fact i have two now i find it to be a brilliant camera for sports photography and thats what i do for a living i use this body with a EF 24-105mm f4, 24-70mm f2.8 and the 300mm f2.8 IS II lens I’ve taken over 100,000 photos with the camera maybe more and it hasn’t missed a beat the batteries last for ever even now I’m using the same battery it came with when i got it on febuary last year. I found this to get the same results as the 1D series its only that extra 2 frames

bems792 says:

Newer model to
Have 5dmkiii auto focus system, t4i in video af or both?

QuickQuips says:

I hope you update this review since the latest firmware came out. The speed changes are phenomenal.

regulator302 says:

I can get this camera for $1300. Should I get it now or wait for newer model?

brettburr1 says:

So that is the only memory card that can go in the camera?


ENOUGH of the lies! The EOS 7D replaces the 50D the D800 replaced the d700 the 5d markiii replaced the mark ii the t3i replaced the t2i and so on.
Manufacturers make these guys lie so people will buy the older stuff and have to upgrade

CeeJayDee94 says:

Canon need an upgrade for the 7D, the current model is outstanding, but a little dated. The lack of a 2nd finger dial at the top annoys me.

CeeJayDee94 says:

YouTube ads will be the death of me

suman gurung says:

i want to buy dslr .options are nikon d7000 or canon can u help me to choose best one?

iRawrh says:

I got this camera last week. Love it. But i am worried it maybe replaced soon by a 7D mark ii or something. I don’t wish to upgrade at least for another 3 years. Will the 7D be in the game even after 3 more years considering it has already been there since 2009?

spartanoneoneseven ism says:

Hello Gordon,One thing I don’t really like about the 7D is because it doesn’t use the popular SD card at all.Is there an adapter that will fit the SD Card into the 7D?

Snap Guy says:

Let the 5DMIII settle down then Canon will introduce 7DMII.

KingGillyMan says:

i just got mine last Friday,, its great, as iv up graded from and still have the Canon 550d,, it beats the 550d and 60d and also yes its better than the 5d Mark II 😉 and mark 1 as well if the II is better 🙂

datktm says:

lol f**king stupid saying :))

cameralabs says:

This is a stupid statement on so many levels, not least of which most cameras from Japanse companies are actually manufacturered in Thailand or China.

ExoticSupercars says:

Hi Gordon, I’m wondering if you think I should purchase this camera. I’ve done my research, and I think this is probably the best option for me. Most of my photos are of fast cars driving by, either on the road or at the track, so I must be fast in getting the camera out and taking the shots ASAP. Pros: Super fast startup speed, and 8fps mode. Cons: Should I wait for a replacement? I’m also wondering how you would rate the video that this camera takes compared to others on the market? Thanks

FoxtrotFilmsPresents says:

You, sir, have a talent for reviewing this stuff.

TheSamantha70 says:

Ive sorted out the problem!In my haste to get going i hadnt set the drive in continuous mode!

Phillip Lwiza says:

Hi Gordon, I first want to say thank you so much for all the info you provide on camera labs. I am also a current user/fan of the FZ-35. I have learned a lot from this amazing POS but I am ready to graduate to a DSLR. My bets were on the T3i but based on advice from friends I took a look at the 7D, and I really liked your review of it. I don’t want to spent more than 2K on my first SLR, do you think I should wait or go for the 7D or maybe even still the T3i?

Phillip Lwiza says:

Hi Samantha,
I am having the same exact issue. My girlfriend bought me the FZ35 last year and it has been an amazing experience. I am now considering over my first step to an DSLR. Friends and family recommend the T3I but the 7D looks and sounds so amazing. Since we seem to be in the same stage of our camera life I wanted to get your thoughts. The issue I am having with my FZ now is that low light pictures have become a constant battle. ISO is my worst enemy right now, so is AWB.

TheSamantha70 says:

Hi,i purchased this camera a week ago with a 15-85mm f3.5-f5.3 lens.However when i set the AEB mode to take bracketed shots of a scene it only took one shot and the AEB setting in the LCD panel was flashing.Is there a fault on the camera or lens or am i doing something wrong?

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