Canon T2i 550D HDR Tutorial Using PhotoMatix 4.0Beta

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Everton Silva says:

By: Mohanad Lateef
Ir para o menu
1 – ir para Expo.comp / AEB e ajustar o defference que você quer que ele seja betweent a exposição tiros..
2 – ir para o botton onde você pode choos para tirar uma foto ou com temporizador e choos a segunda opção que é a filmagem contínua.
assim que você pressiona o obturador toda a maneira e mantê-lo pressionado a câmera tira três fotos que você precisa com a exposição de vários que você precisa.

nmarkus666 says:

it’s in the timer settings. or you just take 3 shots manually.

Mortis270 says:

or you can use the setting where you lift up the mirror as well as the remote, that is how i do long exposure shots at night. downside of that mode tho is once you click the shutter button the 1st time you cannot see thru the sight glass to focus again so you must make sure its all perfect and ready to go before it.

Mortis270 says:

it is better to shoot in RAW gives you more options for the editing process. but when completed its best to save as a JPEG to use less room but keep the RAW format saved somewhere once you get better in editing to retry it and to try new techniques.

Neutraliable says:

I understand all the settings when you’re taking the shots but how did you get it to take 3 consecutive shots?

timeknowsfilms says:

How do you set the self timer? Thanks in advance.

fielding68 says:


MooMooPhoto says:

like your honesty 🙂

Marsisredandhot says:

Can you create an HDR manually? Like, overlaying the 3 images in Photoshop? Or do you need a program? Oh, and, do you have to shoot in RAW or can you do it in JPEG?

45Blackjack says:

t2i, 550D, KissX4 all the same camera.

45Blackjack says:

its better to do it with the 2sec timer. even with camera on a tripod, camera set “continuous shooting” holding shutter button through 3 exposures you’re gonna get some camera shake(unless using a remote).

refaelba says:

of course it has tonemapping..!

Chobits02 says:

i maybe 23 hrs too late to reply! But no the T2i(550D) doesn’t, you have to manually set or take separate exp shots an layer them together in Photoshop or some other HDR program. Alot of 2011 & later model cameras have come out with HDR mode like the T4i, i believe even the iPhone 4s has it also

Chobits02 says:

no doubt a 32 GB card, i have 16 GB SanDisk extremes that hold 750’ish 22mb RAW pics, i got first card during Christmas for $21 thinking that would way plenty, but after several full 3 day weekend outings doing everything with friends, scenery an random street photography one 16GB card easily got filled, so i went with another since they were at a great price of $13.

sethgillespie83 says:

I need to know in the next 10 minutes does this have a dedicated hdr mode!!!!????

Tuticrafts says:

Hi! I don’t know if you can do this but…could you explain the difference between Photoshop, Light Room and Illustrator? I see that photographers use different programs but these 3 are the most comon ones and I was wondering if you could explain the differen between each one.

Tom de Roon says:

what’s your point?:p

hash342 says:

T3i is the 600d, T3 is 1100d. 🙂

sx200n1 says:

The T2i is the 550d. It is branded a T2i in the States and a 550d in Europe. But they are exactly the same camera, just sold in different areas of the world. Same as the T3i in the states which is the 1100d in UK and Europe.

stunningFX says:

It´s just called different. Basicly the 550d is the same camera.

canont212 says:

it is a t2i 550D its kinda differnt from the t2i

Kinematographer says:

looks like a t2i to me.

TheT2ivideos says:

you don’t need to shoot 1200 raws less is more and what if you loose all the data on the card

haitham mohamad says:

i dont have a clue why did i like this comment

TechWiz49 says:


ScrewedMedia says:

Where did you get photomatisc pro?

Mohanad Lateef says:

Go to menu
1- go to Expo.comp./AEB and adjust the defference that you want it to be betweent the shots exposure.
2 – go to the botton where you can choos to take one picture or with timer and choos the second choice which is the continuos shooting.
as soon as you press the shutter all the way and keep it pressed the camera will take the three shots you need with the multi exposure you need.

SnowHellProductions says:

You can press the button ONCE, and it will take THREE pictures with DIFFERENT iso’s and exposures on each image, automatically? If so, how exactly do you do that?

Relaxoz94 says:

Would you like to tell me how it’s possible for me to do it then? Because It’s working for me and I do not have Magic lantern installed…

SnowHellProductions says:

Yes but you can’t press the shutter button once, and it takes 3 sets of pictures with different exposures and ISO etc! Which was my whole point with getting Magic Lantern 😉

Relaxoz94 says:

continuous shooting :p

SnowHellProductions says:

What? How?

Relaxoz94 says:

Actually it does work without Magic Lantern 😉

Luis Sandoval Fotos says:

muy interesante…gracias thank you….very goog picture tecnic.

SnowHellProductions says:

That won’t work. It won’t take 3 pictures with different exposures 😉 That is what Magic Lantern is for.

SnowHellProductions says:

No, every lens is fine.

SnowHellProductions says:

Magic Lantern, Press 1 time, and it takes 3 pictures with different exposurers and ISO’s automatically :). Every filmmaker should get Magic Lantern, add’s sooo much more functions!

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