Digital Camera Setup for Landscape Photography

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Digital Camera Setup for Landscape Photography. This is how I configure my camera for 90% of my landscape shooting. Don’t forget your remote release/cable release! (Like I forgot to mention!) (EXCELLENT music by and all photographs by Edward Thomas, Thanks!)


Will Edwards says:

Good info. I just got a K-5 II and learning all the settings. Oh by the way, I commend you on the ending, giving credit to the Creator for all that He has made.

bcaulf says:

It was great up until all the ridiculous god stuff at the end. You should really just put that in a separate, suitably titled video because it is not what your photography viewers care about.

Evan Rob says:

hey, nice tutorial! Do you ever use nd grad filters or is the k5’s dynamic range sufficient?

xmeda says:

ISO 80 is base
If you set 2 sec remote with MLU, the SR is automatically turned off.

Oxizee says:

And where to focus on? Highlights, Mid-tones, darks? How to find the best exposure?

plungepro says:

Can you go over a cable release?

Glendale1901 says:

video could’ve done without the music intro.

vf252 says:

You mentioned bracketing in this video. Do you take braketed shots for capturing greater dynamic range in your images and just merge with software? If so, what are your typical number of shots, and EV spread? great practical videos!

hobinlobo says:

Does the built in hood on the 15mm get in the way at all if using the 49-77 adapter (or similar)? Thanks.

Mislav Glibota says:

Unfortunately, most lower ISO is 80 in Pentax K5 cameras 🙂

Pan41ter09 says:

Can you make a tip when you do portrait for K5?
thanks Panther

stargirl1207 says:

Thx for the settings!! Need to try some shots asap.
Could you pls tell me the metering mode? thx in advance.

werschi says:

thanks for your advice! i configured these settings at user preferences 1, i also renamed that to something meaningful like LANDSCAPE. 😉 just one note: selecting mirror lockup or self timer will disable shake reduction automatically, i discovered that by accident. 😉

varyabol says:

cant wait to get my k-5 in a couple of weeks n maybe even accidentally include that 15mm. should i sell my k-7? i dont see a point of having it.

Michael Shea says:

Great advice. I don’t use a tripod much, but wouldn’t have figured out that preset focus point for myself although it makes perfect sense.  Regarding the 15mm lens with the step down filter ring, it’s reassuring that it can perform well against bright light without the hood. Thank you for such informative videos – I can honestly say I learned something from each one so far.

MrDazza64 says:

Thanks Edward, another very interesting & informative post.

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