Digital Photography 1 on 1: Episode 63: Night Shots

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In this episode Mark Wallace shows you how to shoot at night using only the moon and stars as your source of light. Outtakes at the end of the video – Coyotes!


faraz sarwar says:

is canon 650d better or the 60d in terms for beginners???

Assaf Feldmar says:

There is a noise reduction function but it’s bettter to do it in LightRoom

Assaf Feldmar says:

Sure. No problem at all.

Ahmed Qahal says:

is it possible to shoot like that by using Nikon D7000 ????

faraz sarwar says:

how to reduce noise on the cannon 650D while shooting at night?

mrdinh1 says:

what time were the shots taken at mark?

sulaim14 says:

I have canon 5d m3 I tryed to record the timelaps but it turn dark when I hit record. how do you do that.??? plz help

Junior48210 says:

awesome video thanks
Ps. You need make a video about canon 3Ti

Chris Anderson says:

A bright light would cause his vision to become accustomed to bright light, and then when he turned off the torch light he wouldn’t be able to see. The red light isn’t as harsh so his vision would still be accustomed to seeing in the dark.

TooMuchGass says:

Next episode : Cum Shots

PeeHooo says:

What do you mean when you say that the red light does not ruin yours night vision?

BlueOnRS says:

I subbed, your guides are amazingly well done. Keep going i’d say! 😀

Blair Weidman says:

After watching all these videos I started playing around with my lenses, but for some reason I’m not able to fully reach the infinity mark when I turn my manual focus ring. It doesn’t quite line up with the infinity mark, it stops short. But all these videos shows Mark turning the focus ring past infinity and then back off a little. My lenses won’t even reach the infinity mark? Is there something wrong? My lenses are a Canon 24-105 f/4 and a 70-200 f/2.8. Both lenses have the same issue?

jimvuraot04 says:

Ill be getting a D300s in few days with grip and get a Nikon 10-24mm Ultrawide for landscape shots

Leuton says:

Me too. R u already decided…

jimvuraot04 says:

Right now i have a entry level D3100 and planing to upgrade. but still deciding which one to get…. I will be taking more portraights and dat and night shots landscape… Which would you prefer? Nikon D7000 or Nikon D300s? thanks

Tony Le says:

instant like, awesome technique

JPZ16974 says:

coyotes at 5:07 🙂 great tutorial Mark thanks!

kennygraphy says:

Hello Mark!!we all like how you share youre knowledge ,we learn a lot from you!your tutorials made me happy doing photography,now my camera is not wasted!thanks a lot Mark!!!!!


Very nice, but now I realize that night photos are only for people who can spend a lot of money for expencive cameras, lenses, tripods, cables etc. Unfortunatelly I can afford only a p&s camera.

Unsgaardsgade says:

Love your videos! When you do the 4 min exp. how to you sort out star trailing. A 4 min startrail looks — not so good. I can´t do more than 20 sec before the stars start blurring?

pef23 says:

I’m curious why you set the white balance even though you were shooting in RAW. Is there a reason for that?

Aleksander Torset Eriksen says:

Great tutorial:)

xILLNESS says:

Subbed! You explain everything amazingly and so easy to copy. Your a boss.

svtbmg1 says:

That ISO can only be used with a Full frame sensor correct? My T2i can not pull this off I dont think. I also have issues with getting White balance correct sense it does not have a incandescent setting. tungsten is too blue looking. All other settings give me an orange glow. I am in the city area but not right in the middle of it, rather the edge of the mountain range.

Ziad Torkey says:

you are my master 🙂
i’m learning alot from you

darwala says:

Wow thats truly amazing 🙂

ninja78 says:

how to get the exposure meter displayed on the LCD screen ?

meowtrox says:

How come when i do this with my canon eos 1000-d at a long exposure time , i tend to get a fuzzy image even though my subject is static. is it my camera/ lens? or what can be wrong?

bymacorg13 says:

This is cool! And how about Time-Lapse Photography? do you know how to do it with ANY camera? check out this device: (copy to address bar):

WideSeal says:

aaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwww awesome

1550592535 says:

what do you think about the d7000?

Léo Mendes says:

Thanks. You just have helped me 😉 I have to buy a wide angle lens like you said.

global001 says:

Great inspiration Mark. You used a timed exposure release cord with the Nikon but what did you use for the Canon? Did you use the in camera metering system?

jgoge123 says:

@memonvideo Parameters of this picture are showed at @7:44

Léo Mendes says:

In the video “Choosing the Right Lens”, you said that using 2 lenses for a wedding is better. But, do you think that using 2 cameras is necessary? I need your reply soon! Thanks. (Because I photographed a wedding last week, and couldn’t get good results. Like, one moment I was photographing portraits and other moment, people said me to take a group shot… and I didn’t have time to change the lenses.)

TheMassGenocide says:

My GOSH! Please tell what lav mic you guys used! It did an AMAZING job of only capturing your voice despite the coyotes!

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