Digital Photography 1 on 1: Episode 72: Composing Portraits

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Watch this video to learn the do’s and don’ts of portrait photography. Also learn how to break the rules. When can you chop off the top of someone’s head or limbs? What are the real no-nos of portrait photography. Mark gives you the rules of thumb as well as good posing advice.


Star Muhammad says:

Great dance moves at the end there Mark LOL.

Binu N says:

I totally agree with showing photographs to the subjects. So far I have had very good response.

Logan Sorenson says:

The entire video, I was imagining a Monty Python instructor, actually having a models limbs or head chopped off, and people are acting all normal, whilst the model is bleeding profusely …


12345dorian678910 says:

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les vanderhoof says:

very good

whisperingwind7 says:

thanks for the vid..

Jan Erik Edvartsen says:

Very hot model 🙂 And also very educational 🙂 Thanks Mark and Adorama 🙂

Simaster says:

there are more in depth videos on the actual adorama website – Mark (aka snapfactory) is just one guy, running his own business and managing to film high quality videos in his own time on top. I appreciate them and his work at least, as nothing else comes close on YT. To go through the complete repertoire of classic photography headshots and compositions would take forever I have 4 books on the subject alone. 8 minutes is a good jump off point.

SuperMangn says:

Yes but the people behind this video `adorama tv` are a wealthy business with many people working for them, including editors and pro photographers. They could make much more in depth vids if they wanted and it would be no skin off their nose.

Simaster says:

better than anything you or I could do. The amount of effort it takes to put together and edit an 8 minute video is astonishing.

SuperMangn says:

There not that amazing, 8 mins is so short. It would take much longer to cover the subject well. These videos are just an overview on the subjects and are not a robust guide at all.

Jeffrey Lai says:

how should i ask the model to pose?

aishacute94 says:

helpfull keep it up .

gullbuttqasim says:

how we take gr8 potrait during the wedding [lz plz plz plz tell setting which i use,…..mail me please…

beendog230 says:

DP 1 on 1 is the most comprehensive and helpful photography videos on youtube!

vietanhdr says:

This is exactly what i am looking for, Thanks so so much 🙂

bruyndonckxmaurice says:

Thank you Mark for those great tutorials.
Maurice from Belgium

nebojsamuzika says:

great tutorial. really useful advices

beautyofdirt says:

Better than! 

Syed Husainy says:

He is the best…

trskinn says:

Thanks for the helpful video.

DanKPhotography says:

I know right! And these guys and Mark Wallace make these very videos professional and looks like they invest a good amount of time to make it. Learned alot from him 🙂

ronbpix says:

Thanks Mark! I really needed this. 🙂

safeharbor7 says:

Thanks Mark, great vid… 

z6lsd says:

Hey. I got my question on Digital Photography 1 on 1… Thanks for the ‘reply’!

G0Dfather0815 says:

outtakes @7:55 😉

jayeshm123 says:

You are definitely my favorite photography teacher. Thanks

MDJAK says:

excellent as always, Mark

knuckles777 says:

Great video thank you!

room28ministries says:

…and lastly, rules are made to be broken. Oh art.

Elyssey says:

Now THAT was helpful 🙂 THX, guys. Great job. Btw: Am I the only one to find the practical advice videos (“how to take a specific kind of photo”, not “know all about your cameras insights”) much more helpful?

gilegraam says:

No rule here since portraits can be great with wide and distorting lenses or telephoto and compressing lenses. Here counts only your creativity.

emetronic says:

Thank you! I was asking because I used to shoot portraits with 18mm lens (but on my Nikon it would act as a 27mm or so) and it introduced too much aberration when I composed for headshots… I found by myself that lenses above 50mm do their job the way I mean it.

emetronic says:

What about lenses and distance to be preferred while shooting portraits?

Simaster says:

still amazing how little views there are.. spread the word people. these lessons are amazing.

hdai007 says:

nice episodes ,, the lighting is normal though

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