DIY Lightbox for product photography

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This is a DIY Lightbox for anyone that wants to photograph a product. No professional equipment necessary! My Blog: Facebook: Twitter: @CandidAnn Goggle +:


dablanco69 says:

Nice! Awesome video! Thanks for the tips. You saved me a lot of money..

Laurie McKee says:


marchudamico1 says:

excellent caracter!!!

MakingMovesMajor says:

Thank you for taking the time to do this.

Do you know where to get the gray backgrounds at?

mathieu basset says:

Excellent tutorial ! Thank you so much 🙂

I’ve put the light on the top of the box, but i get a light reflection on the top of the product… Do you have any tips to correct that ?

trecey920 says:

aww this is good

Николай Деревенский says:


luiris79 says:

Interesting idea home studio, I have only one recommendation as a photographer: Check that there are no shadows of the product. In this case the image 2 (the gel), another light lateral offset places the product or otherwise. But overall it’s a good job. I congratulate you.

TheHershee says:

How inexpensive and neat!

hatice semra ascioglu says:

Thanks for sharing with us:)

bluerose83092 says:

YAY!!! Thank you!!! I have an Etsy store and this is EXACTLY what I neeeedddd!!! 😀

johnkris01 says:

awesome! i just made the same thing just now! really thanks for the simple steps you show us! 🙂

Andrew caseley says:

i dont usually comment on videos but i just want to say that is brilliant and thank you for posting

jjdphotography says:

Great video!

Floyd Ferris says:

fanx and much love beaming from the uk (please dont vote Romney)

Floyd Ferris says:

you rule

Wendy Easler says:

This is the first video I actually sat through and added to favorites without words. Nicely done and very clear to understand. Thanks for this video! It helped me a lot.

0asian1nvasion0 says:

wow, surprised by the results, it didnt look that bright when the pictures were being taken, what kind of setting are used for the camera???

imurmslmman says:

after spending 2 hrs of fixing 10 dollar stuff together, get a 1500 dollar camera and snap it!

letscreatecrafts says:

thanks! you made my day

Johnny5liter says:

What ssi

MariaFortiz says:

Great video!

CraftMinds101 says:


CandidAnn says:

If you are having such a difficult time with shooting, I would just take the jewelry pieces into natural sunlight, preferably a shaded area, a clean background and shoot on automatic. Cloudy days are the best because it gives you nice even lighting and get a tripod to keep the camera stable.

CandidAnn says:

I’m glad this vid helps. I took a look at your Etsy store and the photos are not bad at all. Best of luck to you.

michemozaix says:

thanks for uploading this vid! I do a lot of product photography for my Etsy store and my pics are pretty bad– lol! This should help a lot… it’s the best video I’ve seen for making a lightbox and I like the use of the t-shirts.

maineiacts says:

NOW THAT’S INGENUITY FOR YOU!! So simple too,,,although,,I would think it cheaper to buy USEd T-Shirts if not dirty? But,if you can get an XL or better,,for like 5 bux each,,that’s still a good bargain!! And what kind of poster board?? Matte or Glossy??…worth looking into for a nice rainy day project,as it looks like a heck of a storm going on judging by the view in the window of the weather outside,,lol!!! The tidy whities was cute too 😉 THANK YOU SO MUCH!! EXCELLENT VIDEO!!


Terrific video! I love the lightbox.
Thanks for speeding up the film, gave it a fun Keystone Cops feel (though the results look very professional.)

Babou1n says:

WOW, it’s very interesting, I’ll try to make one ^^

MrLazodelavega says:

hi im from mexico and i dont find that kind of lamp, what other kind of lamp do you recomend, thanks.

evileyez504 says:

i tried this and the pictures come out dark or with a vignette or yellow…

CandidAnn says:

Absolutely, that’s the beauty of this light box. You can use any color background since it’s just a matter of changing the paper. If you can get the shower curtain to hold up, go for it.

jjualvare says:

I think this is a perfect example of keeping it simple. Can you use a black back ground with this setup and why not use a white shower curtain?

films44ful says:

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EbonyGeminiQueen says:

this is perfect to use for my products can’t wait to make this this weekend

ecko90044 says:

Yeah thats what I was thinking. Thanks.
Ohh by the way did you use fluorescent bulbs or regular?

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