DSLR Tips: How to blur backgrounds on portraits

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Jaymark Molo says:

How can I make shots at night? My Nikon says the “subject is too dark.” Does it mean I can’t get shots at night? Forgive my ignorance.

PreshR Presshh says:

first video i actually understood Great video man !

David Ck says:

i love your tips…and u have a weird acent…hahaha

pearlofafrika says:

thanks a lot! very useful and extremely well articulated information

lazyhusband says:

I have the Nikkor AF-S 35mm f1.8G and it’s awesome.

deo velasco says:

can u blur the background on portrait using a kit lens of canon t3i? thanks!

Sher meks says:

is blurry bg can be done in 18-55mm lens on 1100d?

20sevensowhatever says:

thank u so much 🙂

cameralabs says:

Get yourself the 50mm f1.8 II – great – and affordable – portrait lens for your body! This is also ideal for any Canon cropped-frame APS-C body. If you have more to spend, get the f1.4 version.

20sevensowhatever says:

would u recommend a lens for canon eos 1100d? i want a blurry bg :) thanks!

Alfred Ajit Kumar says:

Very useful workshop…very precise and clear video and narration.thanks a lot. Also need ur expertise in choosing between nikon3100 and canon1100D !

halocrewminecraft says:

Lasko pivo FTW!!!
Beer! Yaaaht!!

AlJeffersonA1 says:

This guys tutorials are really excellent, clearly explained and concise with no unecessary blurb.

shinigami eye says:

what lens would you recommend for a Nikon D300s for this type of photography?

divolino says:

hi Gordon, thanks for the videos, they are really helpful & you just explained all the details so well. May i ask you a question ? i am a total new beginner & having a Panasonic DMC G3X, and i was wondering, can i take a photo in 720P, 60FPS. And what is FPS stands for and where is the button i can push for FPS in the camera. Please help & most grateful.

R4PH4EL13 says:

Pivovarna Laško…FTW

anasbinqamar says:

nice tutorial.. but just to point out, its actually the pupil not the iris that changes in size as the aperture..

cameralabs says:

The Nikkor AF-S 50mm f1.8G – see my review at cameralabs . com!

Ivan Mejia says:

what lens would you recommend for a Nikon D7000 for this type of photography?

Hardy1989VM says:

Zlatorog pivo! Laško for the win! 😀
Nice presentation, thank you

markpianoman says:

Gordon, I love your videos — I’ve learned so much from you and really enjoying my Nikon D7000.

InfuzedTech says:

Would this be possible on bridge or hybrid cameras, like the FujiFilm Finepix HS30EXR? Because I have tried it, however the effect isn’t as good.

cameralabs says:

Yes, if you put the camera to shutter priority (Tv on Canon models), then the camera lets you choose the shutter speed and it’ll choose the aperture to match.

elvizgab says:

hi Gordon , i was wondering ,you know how when you put the camera in “aperture priority mode and automatically the shutter speed adjusted it self to the right speed to match it ,is it the same the other way around ?, thanks in advance

Arnold Watson says:

Thanks for putting me back on track with the depth of field Gordon…I really need to commit this to memory!

cameralabs says:

Thankyou very much!

elvizgab says:

you’re awesome man !!

bozziovai says:

.. gordon is one of the best teachers in youtube. thanks gordon

Dakamum says:

Good explanations…I am learning alot from you.

cameralabs says:

Glad you’re happy with the FZ62! It’s a nice camera!

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