DSLR Tips: How to take perfect sunsets

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Carl Harrison says:

spammer. just done a search and all i can see are the exact same posts all across different networks.

DigitalMoneyMakers says:

Well that’s answered my question as a beginner to trying to capture sunrise and sunset better

AlJeffersonA1 says:

Fantastic video, enough said. Keep up the good work.

tscholent says:

You are doing a GREAT job and thank G.d for your perfect english…

makuwalta says:

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mademan9294 says:


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mademan9294 says:


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GeneEdgarPhotography says:

You should also show how to do it manual by using Tv mode to get the Aperture reading, then switching back to manual and dropping down 1 stop from the meter reading. Just in case there are any people out there who like shooting in Manual and are having trouble. also letting them know what round about shutter speed for hand held i.e. 1/60th of a sec.

Praveen Venugopal says:

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drmaxigamma says:

Thank you teacher

raykat100 says:

Great video. Thanks for keeping it simple.

Petrus Adnyana says:

Super teacher… Big thanks!!!

airsolaja says:

u r a great teacher!

cameralabs says:

You’re welcome – please do visit my websites dslrtips . com and cameralabs . com to support me!

TJoKayaking says:

Why do people argue so much about photography? This video was good even for me now I know a bit more than I did two months ago. Always good to watch helpful stuff like this.

Pete Mason says:

That was very useful, I’ll see how my camera fares 🙂

Aaron Au says:

Cool story bro. Awaiting your much superior tutorial.

frogmarch100 says:

thanks, that really helped. my new camera is exactly same as the one you are using and I was pleased to learn a quick and easy way just to minus the exposure.

jtgmedia says:

That changes nothing when compared to my comments. If they are to use auto then they can use it on a much cheaper, smaller and easier to use camera. Otherwise, tutorials aimed at DSLR beginners should teach them about the setting and how to get away from auto settings. Not how to enhance their use of the auto feature. That is redundant at best.

cameralabs says:

In addition, there are other benefits to using DSLRs and system cameras you know. They give much better quality, especially in low light, than a point and shoot, so why shouldn’t people enjoy this capability even if they prefer to shoot in auto. This quality should be available to anyone who wants it, not just manual control snobs.

cameralabs says:

How many times do I need to explain this? These tutorials are free and aimed at beginners with little or technical knowledge. I recommend people keep their mode dials at Auto in case a spontaneous opportunity arises. I have seen so many photos ruined because the settings had been changed manually and not reset afterwards. Please do experiment with different settings but remember to put them back to normal for general use. You don’t want to be mucking about when your kids have the perfect pose.

jtgmedia says:

Tutorials like this one are always a fail because you should teach people how to use a DSLR and not how to turn their DSLR into a point and shoot. Why spend $600 ish (for a entry level dslr) and glue the dial to auto? Just buy a $90 point and shoot.

jtgmedia says:

polarizing filters reduce glare and unwanted reflections – they do not cause them – if anything a polarizing filter will help an amateur with sunsets since the filter itself can remove a stop or two of light therefore underexposing the image – unless you have your camera set to auto in which case you do not need a dslr – you need a point and shoot. If you plan to use a dslr- learn to use a dslr otherwise you have a large, expensive point and shoot.

gforgurpreet says:

Is there any trick to click better snap with Lamp shade ON. I tried clicking my Friend’s snap sitting near to Lamp shade. but it didn’t come good.

Daniel Rivera says:

Hola, disculpen alguien me podría sacar de una duda, quisiera saber si es posible gravar con la t2i sin la pantalla lcd es decir no quiero gravar en vivo, si no viendo el ocular del visor.

George Clutterbuck says:

God your happy


thanks,very helpful..

Scuba Dooba says:

The ancient and noble art of bracketing 🙂

matsrudi says:

HDR photography. Take on picture under exposed so you get the sky, then another right after to get the foreground with the right exposure, then a thirde one where you keep it inbetween to get the mid tones. Then you use photoshop or any other program to make a HDR photo. You can either do it manually or with an autoamtic function. Search for HDR tutorials. There is lots of good ones that explains better than me.

bryanaworld says:

مis this 1000d camera?

stayshiagarrett says:

Your videos are amazing I appreciate your time you take to show us step by step instructions you are so knowledgeable

trollek100 says:


visceralzen says:

change speed, aperture, or ISO

cameralabs says:

Thanks, it’s strange but some people forget it’s all free and not necessarily aimed at them! I’m glad you found it useful - please do visit dslrtips.com for all my tutorials!

jidenshaotoko says:

I must compliment you for your patience and polite answer to this particular guy. YouTube is full of stupid people like this guy who just don’t seem to know how to express their ideas and concerns. We are on an era where you have access to these kind of lessons – regardless of being aimed towards the beginners or advanced users – for free. These are the kind of people who should go a few decades back and struggle to have this kind of info handy.

Vlad G says:

That is nice, BUT what about the bottom of the picture which is coming too dark? ! The same if I want to get a blue sky in my picture with nice clouds , some parts of the pictures are very dark. Or else the sky will be white . Any suggestion for this Gordon?

cameralabs says:

No, this guide is meant for complete beginners, who want to achieve an effect with the minimum of adjustments and no processing on their computer afterwards. The tips that I give here on Youtube are not meant for any kind of expert of experienced user. Only complete beginners.

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