DSLR Tips – Prevent blurry photos

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A few tips to fight blurry pictures. I thought I would pass along these tips. They are a little bit “beginner” but that’s what I am. These should help you get better pics.


nate42nd says:

Thank you for the comment. I hope it helps in some small way.

nate42nd says:

Thanks for the kind comment. It’s refreshing. I plan to do more videos in the future,

Sidney Vega says:

Thank you so much for taking the time to educate people. The simple things you state are vastly effective.

LeeMIlby says:

The elbow thing is awesome!!! I’m definitely gonna try it on my next shoot!! 😀 Thanks so much

gmscott says:

Thanks for this video. I appreciate the advice you shared. =)

MrJeuqe says:


Carlus D says:

I held my first DSLR camera for the first time correctly because I watch hundreds of videos about photography before I bought my first DSLR camera.

1717jbs says:

Great video.

paul harmon says:

i didn’t know that if it doesn’t have image stabilization… than it doesn’t have image stabilization. weird…

Fahad K says:

Very good tips. Thanks. Do upload more videos and please dumb it down for people like me.

mbickerdike17 says:

Good tip is use the view finder, not live view for photos.

John Caniford says:


MidnightKat5000 says:

This really was helpful! thanks

2009collapse says:

thank you for your time

sau1983in says:

You are right..holding the camera in right position..I keep forgetting it.

kvako1976 says:

microedjustment I had this problem with my nikon d7000

mrN3w7 says:

you are suppose to hold the camera? :/ … wow … who knew? 😐

babarussy says:

Yes you can

TheCulinaryArtist says:

I noticed the rig in the background.

nico27004 says:

When hand holding the camera can I rest my elbows in my sides when I tuck them in? Like abdomen or ribs.

ominoreg says:

Thanks for this!!!!

nate42nd says:

Thank you for the comment. I hope it helps.

nate42nd says:

Thanks for the good comment.

TheRubenator05 says:

the tip about holding your camera is great!! thanks!!

wowsly says:

great few tips dude, i feel sorry for the one person that disliked this vid. Keep uploading your tips and thanks for the tips

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