Flash Portrait Photography Tips

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www.improvephotography.com Jim Harmer from ImprovePhotography.com shows off one free lesson from his “30 Days to Professional Quality Portrait Photography” online class. Go to ImprovePhotography.com for more!


Margery Egerton says:

Hi! Have you thought about photo sfxart tricks (just google it)? My mate Alina made some amazing pics with their video lessons.

janbminden says:

Well done!

44yavet says:

yea, if I were not doing photography, I mostly likely would not have gotten it.

44yavet says:

Man, this was incredible helpful! Thanks!

AllreDigital says:

Poor guy holding the reflector is dying of blindness haha @ 3:40

MrAcornBurrka says:

The 70-200mm’s max aperture is 2.8, so you can’t really go any higher (meaning low fstop number). 2.8 is perfect even wide open.

Vaibhav Dixit says:

I liked the later part the most where you showed the effect of different parameters.
Thanks for the Video

Melanaize says:

Thank you for tutorial! Verry good job !

Foreezybeezy1 says:

Good video man!

BonusVideoView says:

Nicely done! Very helpful. Please subscribe to my channel for more useful videos and tips.

ptlofts says:

Like the shirt.

cutisgol says:

About the focus, so you focused on her eyes and recomposed the picture, or you changed the focus point in the camera? I find it hard to pre-set the focus point and try to match the point to the model’s eyes because you might not get the composition right?
Thank you

MazzucaArtz says:

My right ear feels alone…..
Great video though thanks!

EmoElmoOnHigh says:

Really awesome tips! Thanks so much for posting 😀

nursemom08 says:

Could you share what your flash settings were and if you kept the same camera settings as when you were shooting natural light.

Donald Wolff says:

looks like your WB is off , its very yellow

jgiyer says:

thanks Jim, along with your online class this has also been very helpful.

Frederick Jones says:

very simple and easy to understand. I starting to shoot more with strobes and this vid is a great concept for starters. thanks so much.

XOXpeaceLOVEpinkXOX says:

tthat girl is SOOOOOOOOOOO HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT. oh em geeee like i want herrrr.

liornfib says:

very good!
keep it going
thank u.

pyaare10 says:

thanks jim,,,, I am really getting some great tips and explanations from your videos….can you do some indoor posing for fashion photography…

ripitup777 says:

i love your videos!

rticknor says:

What type of softbox was that? I have been looking for one that works well with speed-lights, and that one look pretty good.

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