Focus Stacking – a macro photography technique

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Here’s a short guide to shooting several photographs to make an ultra sharp close focus shot. Peter Bargh explains how to shoot, and then what software will combine the shots to give you ultra sharp results.


Levi Betz says:

1:33 “Longer shitter speed” hahaha Oh accents being lost in translation.

Uno Engborg says:

Some close up lenses or zoom lenses in macro med vary theri focal length as you focus. Therefore it is probably better to move the subject or put the camera on some reails so that it can be moved than to touch the focus ring.

wendy owen says:

Thank you. I’ll give it a go.

incrediblemacroblog says:

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dangervich says:

Very informative without any wasted time. Thanks for the tips.

MrCrouddell says:

I like PENTAX!!!!!!

Nomirule says:

Hi, have you tried “PhotoSFXart” (search on Google for it)? There you can watch a nice free video explaining the best way to shoot better photographs. It made it possible for Daniel to create pictures which leave you with a wow-effect any time you take a look at them. Hopefully it works for you as well.

DWGIbek says:


landofnor says:

Can this be done in Photoshop?

LazerLord10 says:

Pentax FTW!

deepak ghimire says:

Hey there, are you familiar with “MagicSFXphoto” (just search on Google for it …)? On their website you will find a great free video featuring how you can make outstanding photographs. This helped Daniel to shoot pictures that have that jaw-dropping-effect whenever you take a look at them. It might work for you too…


Thank you!!!

startphotography says:

Photography is all about lighting. Nicely done.

VIDYOYT1 says:

Thanks – very informative and useful.

aceroid97 says:

Have you herd about Zerene Stacker, its good and you don’t have to crop.

Contract Shooters says:

Purpose is defeated here. Insects do not wait.

kbudiarto says:

Easily recoverable using layer masks.

arnstein bjone says:

A word of praise: I’m 56 yrs old, and have been a computer nerd since -83, and an enthusiastic photographer since 1971.
I was searching for the best alternative to Zerene Stacker (the best focusing software available, but rather expensive (289 USD for PRO)), and even if I knew everything in this video, I had to look it through.

I love the net, and I love it even more when I come across well made videos like this! Keep’m coming!

toshiroo says:

yes and no …
it’s very useful when you want to do more than 1:1 ( tube, bellows, reversing lens )
the dof is so small that if u want to see ,for example , a head of fly, u dont have choice to do focus stacking …
for 1:1, called macro, u dont need , usually it’s enough by opening the aperture, relative to the subject and conditions of course…so I agree with u , only for 1:1

Endorya Badler says:

I just wish his voice could be as loud as the closing music.

dongbuka says:

thank you so much for this learn

voltageclamp2001 says:

@ConnorHamlet You run into the diffraction limit losing sharpness.

cowgirls8 says:

Thank you 🙂


also for coolpix DOF is very limited and you can do nothing about it because you cant even determine the point of focus because its all AUTO.
You can use that method only with a camera where you can determine the point of focus….so, manual focus….


Well Helicon Soft costs about 15 quid…but what the narrator forgot to tell: Its for a one year license. For a lifetime license its ard 120 quid.

gfgfinlayson says:

Dumbass. BSS is a Coolpix camera feature which picks the most in focus shot from a bunch of shots and saves that to the memory card. This is a dedicated macro technique for DSLRs. In macro photography DOF is very limited. To get an entire image in focus, you have to photograph a series of in focus slices, and then stack those slices using specialist software.

Necromax3 says:

that’s why this is a tool not a restriction.

TuRboCrutchez says:

1:31 long shitter speed which may not be appropriate LOL

Lincoshop says:

Let us share the resources about photograph with each other,sub me ,thank you.

Detjo says:

The ‘professionals’ encourage the bugs to co-operate 🙂
Put them in the freezer for 5 mins – doesnt kill them and takes them about 5-10 mins to warm up enough to move. Gives you enough time to take some pics.
Or capture them in a jar with a little cotton wool soaked in acetone. Puts them to sleep for 5-10 mins. Good luck!

MrShayneOneill says:

Its like anything, you’ll not get HDR photos of bugs and twichy animals and stuff either. Right tool for the right job. That said I managed to do a HDR photo of my cat sleeping. Crazy looking photo, not so sure of its artistic merits though lol.

grygon says:

I see a lot of negative comments, wow. Just wanted to say thank you! Not everyone can afford to upgrade their gear so I’ve found this technique plus Combine ZM software very useful for my Nikon D70 and Photoshop CS1. 🙂

grygon says:

but this is an excellent resource for crafters! 🙂 We usually want people to see every little detail of the things we make. And you can always leave the background vague. 😉

obsidiannnnn says:

Lol….the lighting *always* matters

35683989 says:

useless thing to do.. now a days u got BSS i.e BEST SHOT SELECTOR which automatically does the job what u did in 4.38 mins

rishikiran says:

I photograph my own jewellery and have it cut out and enhanced by a third party.
This technique has resulted in a vast improvement in my images.
Thank you as this video has helped me a lot.

dollfacepersians says:

Does the lighting matter much?

vvneagleone says:

And there’s no f/6…

vvneagleone says:

Then you’ll get a small, detail-less, non-printable photo.

beliefmail says:

how about just stand further away and zoom in at f6 then crop in, wont this make life simpler?

pianoman6639 says:

Many thanks will help me out and seems a really good technique the video is also really interesting and well presented thanks again

lancenewman1978 says:

my personal recommendation is to “rapid fire” a lot of photos along with maximum shutter speed

you may have to comb through a few photos once you get back to the shop, but it should work.

with nature you will obviously have to wait for that “right” photo which is why so few images and photographers are acclaimed because of the timing it takes to get those “just right” images/videos

now that I think about it if you can take an HD video and crop out images

“d90” has HD vid

dannyday58218195 says:

yeah… but how “practical” is focus stacking? i mean ive got a 100mm lens and ive got some quality pics of lady birds bugs whatever random things i find –

they friggin move around that quick, unlike a watch, they aint gonna stop and stand still whilst i take about 10 different shots with a different apature and depth of field each time… its just not realistic…

so how do the “proffesionals” do it with bugs like dragonflys and insane macros eg using mpe 65mm???

argoshammersmith says:

your good

hassoun6 says:

1:35 An indirect way for this guy to let the ladies know that he’s looking.

aussiedave24nsw says:

i just bort a slid rail 4 my macro lens can any1 help me 2 understand how 2 use it plese

themanlion1 says:

4 minutes and 38 seconds that could have easily been 1 minute….. maybe less..

BfoSHIZnats says:

Best for watches that don’t have second hands

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