Guide on how to do product photography on the cheap

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Kai and Lok get set a challenge to do some product photography on the cheap. They each have their own camera, but they need to get the setup to go with it. Unfortunately, their budget is a rather modest 25 pounds sterling. What do they do with the money and what are the results like? Watch the video to find out.


danny marchant says:

what tripod was that ??

Ben Cowling says:

You must be new around here.

rohan3678 says:

just like topgear then- they get the same abuse.

Leon Morton says:

i’m sure thats the point

Leon Morton says:

couldn’t stop laughing

mohamed abdel-hady says:

why do u have to screw everything up int he middle Kai come on 😀

itsmeTIBOR says:

Sometimes I feel like Kai is so clumsy on purpose!

Faymusmedia says:

9:06 Maersk We shoot their VIP marketing commercials. Nice!

iPhilFORlife says:

Look how sad you are! If you didn’t learn something from this guys you will not be able to do product photography on the cheap! You didn’t understand the message of this video! Pooooor guy!!

Kouji Schwartzquelle says:

648 Gearfags

LustedDemon says:

that guy is an idiot! nd this vid is moreover like a idiotic short film,,

dreamerofnights says:

funny video i cant believe I learned something from you guys great video

Ferny Esky says:

that’s my thumbs up XD

lila skate says:

los vídeos están geniales pero serian aun mejor si tuvieran subtitulo en español (: / videos are great but would be even better if they had subtitled in Spanish

6119misha6119 says:

Kai vs Lok
this episode is like Kenny vs Spenny :p

ryan13ad says:

Loc is hilarious in this video, couldn’t stop laughing!!!!

DrDuu says:

Ha, it looks like IKEA lamp, what is the name in Hongkong for IKEA, the swedish furniture house?

Nicolas Cage says:

your video is worst video i have ever seen… no very helpful … thank you sucker….

MadrigueraRecords says:

4:56 that’s my thumbs up XD

vipero00 says:

4:24 Dog poo on a brownie?

Tiggz1551 says:

omggg lol when kai spilled the stuff all over lok’s stuff I actually felt badd awwww 🙁 but it was funny at the same time xD

Andrew Lehman says:

10:21 Slightly phallic.

shzainzy z. says:

Kai.. always so mean to Lok.. tsk tsk..

TheWindowtree says:

what tripod is being used in the outdoor shots, its seems lovely and versatile

osama abusharar says:

fuck u man …

kenhotlanta says:

What a colossal waste of 15 minutes I can never get back.

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