How to process infrared digital images in Photoshop- Week 67

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Having taken infrared digital images you’ll need to process them to extract the best from them. In part two of this infrared tutorial, Photoshop expert Gavin Hoey takes you through the essential steps to create a mono masterpiece.


member805639 says:

Crystal clear, thank you.

cappasette says:

so good thanks

andonisr says:

Hey great tutorial…nicely explained my friend..definitely subscribing to you …!!

microaquarius says:

Just want to thank you for helping newbies in IR like me.

cjgan80 says:

Gavin , just one question , how do you make more than one colour on your picture?

cjgan80 says:

Go to your camera’s menu and search for picture quality.

sirauron911911 says:

he works for digital photo magazine, i’m sure he’s getting plenty of sponsorships

Photo11Photography says:

You did such a fantastic, flawless job, Gavin. I’m so glad I found your channel!  I think I can speak for most of your viewers when I say: thank you for your hard work.
P.S. I have a bias towards sepia as well aha

limeywatermelon says:

“It’s got this lovely, bright red, horrible look” LOL

themrjohnl says:

you are genius!

linespermillimeter says:

Seeing these IR shots in HDR should be quite interesting!!

osanithaksila says:

She is my sister and become naughty

MrChangCJ says:

i like how he says “pho-toe-shop”

moosey62 says:

Great stuff Gavin, thanks!
I’ll second normanspecter’s comment.
Power to your elbow, sir.

Gerrit944 says:

With this unmodified camera (with strong infrared cut filter in front of the sensor) and the 72r filter in front of the lens, to much visible light comes through. In infrared light, the vegetation would be a lot brighter. This looks like the results i get from a 50d + hoya 72r filter. The combination is not good for IR. Just too much visible light which darks up things. looks interesting but its NOT IR!

scott74115 says:

awe-sum! very nice!!

defixioN says:

This is a great tutorial but I don’t see the infrared….

Phygar1 says:

Except that the brightnesses of the objects would have the wrong colors. Leaves would not be white… etc

Joao Pedro Marçal says:

dosnt really look like infrared ist more of a sepia monocrome, you could do something exactly the same by changing the channels in a monocrome image…

bgatchi says:

is this light room?

TzumB says:

if you open up Adobe Bridge and find the jpeg on your computer using Bridge you can right-click and select ‘open in camera RAW’

aronyturon says:

why mine doesn’t have a Clarity slider in Raw image setup? help plsss how can i make it appear.

matherman says:

jpeg images are 8 bit no 32bit and so these options described here are not possible

bukitawanhijau says:

how bout jpeg file?

R2Magnum says:

great tutorials mate;)

all of them are unbelievably clear and easy to follow…

Cald0m92 says:

Oh sorry, my apologies. I misunderstood. It is part of photshop itself

Cald0m92 says:

does the first software you use come with your camera or can you buy/download it online?

janazz25 says:

Hi..I would like to know if it is my impression or not…i notice that opening the RAW files in Digital Photo Pro which is the Canon software, the photos seem to be much sharper then when I open them in Camera RAW. why is this??Thanks keep up the fantasticly good work

llamasrage says:

Excellent tutorial Gavin, thanks!

Fr4gg3r2 says:

Would you mind letting the artist talk the way he talks? Why would you also tell him how to edit his pictures.

arancandonga says:

Hi Gavin, i got my own answer to the email i send you. Thanks

dextercf says:

Insanely nice tuts Gavin!
But would you mind not to say the word “Picture” so silly? Its “piCTure” not “piTshure”.. right?

Bruno Cristina says:

Good tutorial…
Of sure i go use.

normanspecter says:

If Canon and Adobe aren’t throwing vast sums of money at you, they should be: these are the best tutorials anywhere. Keep up the good work!

IGORproductionz says:

look good (Y)

CarpCatcher8 says:

a programme not a plug in

computersguy13 says:

Then what is lightroom?

CarpCatcher8 says:

Camera RAW is an adobe photoshop plug in

computersguy13 says:

What is the difference between Camera Raw and Lightroom?

kk6aj says:

excellent video! Gavin I declare myself as your biggest fan! Next step is to have your posters on my wall, haha! Awesome vids!

GizzmoSniper says:

I got my infrared filter today

kk6aj says:

Gavin, I declare myself as your absolute fan! you are exceptional and very inspireing

JackPierreAziz says:

wow.. u are the beste! all yours videos are great!

gavin, do u only work with photoshop or with lightroom too?

toontown143 says:

Haha, Cool

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