Intro to flash photography/Beginner Speedlight Tutorial-Canon 580ex,580exii,430exii Nikon sb900,sb60

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CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR MY MONTHLY NEWS LETTER: Pick up an “OH SNAP” T-Shirt! Follow me on these social outlets: http ================================================= In this first video to my series of Flash Photography, I discuss the difference of using your pop-up flash vs. using an external mounted flash. Anyone who has just purchased an external flash or looking to purchase and external flash MUST watch this video. As the weeks progress we will move into more advanced flash photography. If you haven’t already, make sure you watch my “Photography for Beginners” series. Please leave your comments, questions or suggestions in the comments section below…THANK YOU! Check out these alternative flashes to Canon and Nikon flashes:


Adelheid Hanna says:

Hey there! Have you tested photo sfxart tricks (search for it)? My mate Lidsay made some amazing pictures with their photography tutorials.

49eKeystation says:

Hi, can you explain what is slave and master concept, more over i have a cannon 600D and i like to photographer suppose say with three flashes at least, and am thinking to purchase Yn series, what will you recommend me? do i have to take any three versions of youngos ? will they work or i have to choose with caution?

lamephotography says:

SUBSCRIBED!!! Thank you! I love your method of explaining the material.

amazinggadgets says:

The pop up flash works great as a wireless commander in a pinch…

jspash666 says:

For someone who knows so much about light and how flashes reflect off the back of your eye etc. etc. etc. it’s surprising that you wouldn’t move the BIGASSHUGEOMUNGO light that’s reflecting off your glasses for the entire video! 😛

Or is video lighting different somehow? (serious question)

Blood Celtic says:

Cool dude …. That s exactly what s Internet need . Short quick and clear photography infos. What s Internet Ned’s??? No .. What I NEED;-)

MrKillermeatball says:

I don’t have a flash yet, but what I do is put a piece of paper in front of my pop up flash and bounce it off the roof

lbcjustin says:

You seriously need some anger management classes. LOL.

BTW, I thought the editing was pretty good for this type of video. It made the content more interesting.

hamsterpoop says:

god what shitty editing… go die you fat piece of shit…

Ricky L Jones says:

Love your videos!

jooncarmen says:

Great simple video man.

Randomize2008 says:

thumbs up man for this great introduction.
I wish if you could help me a bit here.
I’m looking forward to buy an SB600 as my first flash, but i was wondering what else do i need to buy to use this flash off-camera & trigger it wirelessly. I have a Nikon D3100 DSLR… Thanks man… Peace.

4200cg says:

Great video but I had a ? Do all the external flash need batteries I am looking to spend no more than $80

jules71711 says:


cbr78rr says:

Bravo ;)

rajesh1080p says:

Thank you

KreativeVueTV says:

If you find yourself doing a lot of event photography, then yes, go ahead.

BetterBeHD says:

i am thinking of buying CB Mini-Rc Angled Camera-Flash Platform Bracket should i go ahead.?

euyoooo says:

the pop up flash is really important to me on my 60D as I can use it as a master to fire my external flash !!! that’s a biggie for me. no need to buy another master expensive unit to be able to fire the flash wirelessly
I sometimes use it as well with such low power just to add a little bit of shine to my subject, I don’t use it as a key flash, nor a fill flash as I wouldn’t be able to go above 1/250 shutter anyway.

WBPhotocorp says:

What do you edit your videos on?

yancamz07 says:

when using my sb-700 why is it that there is a large black space when the shutter speed is in 400 above?

Abhishek Negi says:

Thanks for share such valuable info 🙂 I have canon 7d with 100 mm 2.8 L mecro glass, need ur advise for serious under budget & reliable flash. for macro and portraits.

KreativeVueTV says:

I’m soooooo sorry for the late response. YouTube does not do a very good job of keeping me up to date with new comments. Sounds as if your flash unit is not compatible with your camera. This is often the case when using accessories that are meant for a specific brand or model. Are you still having this issue?

KreativeVueTV says:

No worries bro, in time. You’ll have your moment!

KreativeVueTV says:

Hope you checked out part 2.

KreativeVueTV says:

Thank you and sorry for replying so late! Trying to keep up with all the comments. Appreciate you watching my vids.

37Chess says:

good vid ! i got question. please help. i got a macro flash panasonic, on my canon rebel t2i, and why is that the flash is not working when i take the pic? i can see all the lights are on on the flash, but when is in flash mode, is not shooting the flash, why? thanks.

cbface says:

very nice vid sir!

MrDJEMAR says:

Yeah, I can’t afford one 🙁 now I feel like shit.

trainingday399 says:

Is there going to be a part two to this video?

bpk1n9 says:

GAMERA!! Suddenly, i’m in the mood for turtle soup…

Endohmassato says:

you deserve more views and subscribers! great video btw!

les vanderhoof says:

very helpfull

KreativeVueTV says:

Thank you for watching my vids!!! Let me know if you have any questions!

KreativeVueTV says:

No, no…THANK YOU! I will see what I can do with some video editing. What editing software are you using?

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