Landscape Photography Equipment Basics

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Some tips on the basics of setting yourself up with the right equipment for landscape photography. Jonathan Maher, founder of VSP Workshops talks about some of the more important kit you’ll need for this type of photography. For more information on landscape photography workshops with VSP, visit


ibra314him says:

توكينا 11-16

Bergerbrothersphoto says:

I’ve been wanting for a while to experiment with landscaping photography. this is a very good start for my journey. Thanks a bunch.

2009korte says:

not on a full frame dslr 🙁

2009korte says:

Jamie Lanister doing landscape ???

helthuismartin says:

Try a Manfrotto 075B

Adam Riga says:

Not enough, you didnt talk about the fundamentals: Small aperture, lowest iso and raw format.

Marshalmapy says:

i never think use timer for click without touching camera…great tip..thanks a lot!

vspworkshops says:

…yes on the tripod….it’s just on the edge really….actually I regret not going for the sturdier model…..

pipdoodler says:

Good learning video. It’s refreshing to see someone on the field – so to speak – rather than these boring videos of someone sitting in a room talking at you. Cheers!

zandah01 says:

Nice tips! About the tripod, is that a Gitzo 1541? Is that sufficient for the 70-200?

Schub3rta says:

“You don`t need to buy a shutter release cable (with most new dslrs).They usually have a self release, from f.ex 1-12 seconds.”

Yeah, like he didnt mention that… Don’t you people listen!? 😀

trackend says:

your wide angle seems a tad long for landscapes

sumala321 says:

You don`t need to buy a shutter release cable (with most new dslrs)
They usually have a self release, from f.ex 1-12 seconds.

Though if you are going to do time-lapse with your camera, it is recommended though more expensive cameras have a time lapse function.

scottphotographics says:

Very nice!

traktap says:

Very nice tips…. Thanks a million

DanitoDaDorito says:

Great video. thanks.

chriselpuma says:

Awesome Video

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