Landscape photography with Joe Cornish part 1/3 | Phase One LIVE

or copy the link Phase One has launched a series of one-of-a-kind online events entitled “Phase One Live; Your Inspiration Stream”. Hosted by Phase One and some of the world’s leading photographers, each event showcase a specific photography project – tracking each step in that project’s workflow from conception through completion. The premiere event features award winning British landscape photographer, Joe Cornish. Follow Joe in his preparations for a photo shoot. How does he prepare and what is in his backpack? This is the first video in a series of three videos. Part 1 (playing): Part 2: Part 3: Joe Cornish: Try Phase One


Serena Funches says:

Afternoon! Have you tested photo sfxart tricks (search for it)? My cooworker Catalina made some very amazing photos with their photography tutorials.

PhaseOneDK says:

We’re glad you like them and hope they’ll inspire you in your own work.

Guikri says:

pls. do more of it – I really like it 🙂 Just one of my favorite Films(trios) and I watch them again and again 🙂

Mircea Costiniuc says:

Very beautiful images. But luggage is too great and difficult to transport

Lurker1979 says:

Wow, bet that digital back was a pricy item.

neuberry says:

Beautiful videography, and I particularly like Joe’s low-key chatting-with-a-friend style. I’d like to see his detailed explanation of how he uses tilts and focus shift.

jamestographer says:

These Joe Cornish videos are superb!

john wheatley says:

A fascinating insight to my favourite landscape photographers……..
…………….. btw, what is the haunting music behind the narration?

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