Night Photography: Finding Your Way In The Dark

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dnafarmdivide says:

Fantastic book, fantastic teacher! 🙂

dannydrock1 says:

What sort of exposure time are we looking at when attempting to do something like this?

basem farid says:

1,2,3 photography
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AlexDevilLX says:

3:30 Majestic photo. I’ve read a lot about light painting in photography books but didn’t think thats that is so cool.

Rafael E. Paez says:

bulb mode.

Rafael E. Paez says:

bulb mode

spencer jackson says:

how do you have a shutter speed of hours?

César Augusto Mollendorff says:


Adam brazier says:

Wow, the video itself is shot and edited extremely well. I’m feeling inspired! Leaving this comment half way through haha, great work.

tonicourt says:

27 people are still scared of the dark. Excellent work, very inspiring.

muslin backdrops says:

The learning I got in this video is really worth it!

freezinkc says:

Hey James. I can answer your question for you. You would set your camera to bulb mode. It leaves your shutter open until you close it.

James Kaiser says:

how do you have such a long shutter speed?

hellraizer83 says:

You guys are amazing and your creation is so wonderful as well. have your ever published
book about Photography. I want one.

Josh Chang says:

How do you prevent the fogging up of lenses when doing extreme long exposures? And how long would you say is needed to get the spiraling star effect? The most I have done was 2 hours, and that’s when my camera fogged up, so I thought that I’d seek some advice.

Martijn Poppe says:

I love it

AlfaShedar says:

ok again me.. dude..u lookin for coool Shot Subject!! i got some for u..take me serious ..

go to some huge forest at night and at the Full moon..go before moon rise up..when she go up sun light make for u so [powerfull shadows in forest at night..and those Lights lines all around tress..same moment u got in morning when sun rise up..but now i talk abotue similar moment but with moon and night..hope u knwowhat i mean ..i love to see your Art Work aboute this with ur idea but no tools

Lance Keimig says:

Thanks! 5D mkII

AlfaShedar says:

03:04 :OOOOO /// dude this is Master Photo..i sean thousend similar photos but only at your s i can ssee TRULY !!!! Deep Cosmic Space.!!!!! MASTER SHOT !! and none grain !!!!!! what camer u use for that shot ?:))

MyBestBUDDYIsAGoat says:


raijin alferez says:

I love night photography

Aya Tawfik says:

Very gorgeous!!

pradeepdeepu00 says:

ammmmmmazing…! extreme level of perfection

Lance Keimig says:

mostly wide, all prime lenses. testing at 6400 ISO, shooting between 100-1600, depending on what’s needed for each specific photo.

MegaPuhakka says:

So how kongressi shutter Speed?

kl4pp3rt4nd says:

Wow this was an amazing video. So passionate.

Николай Деревенский says:


mazen42007 says:

Amazing video

norbit519 says:

this is such an amazing way of doing night photos

123nussle says:

Love your pictures! Great job. Check out my page!! 🙂

SergeantAnus says:

What kind of lenses do you often use, and what kind of ISOs du you often use – great video, very nostalgic.

technoalah says:


LibanPhotography says:

Nice video. I love night photography. Over the years, I’m shooting more and more at night. I just noticed that over 90% of my photography now is night 🙂

sulaim14 says:

I have canon 5d m3 I tryed to record the timelaps but it turn dark when I hit record. how do you do that.??? plz help

evanvideo says:

Fantastic video. Subscribed! How are you able to let the stars burn in for a few hours without getting a ton of noise? I shot a 30 minute star trail at iso 100 and the noise destroyed my image. Do you recommend doing the multiple shots and merging technique over letting the single exposure go for a few hours? 

ChaosCheatSheet says:

Haha, while watching the video an idea popped up including my Petzl headlamp and what do you know? The guys in the video have Petzl headlamps. Wonderful, wonderful.

sulaim14 says:

what do you mean with turned off in between location. you mean you push the shutter buttom and light the areas you want to take a shot of. then turn off the light after while the shot is taken?? plz explain better. Am really Glad you answerd I wanna go and test out my canon 5D mark3 Cam.

Lance Keimig says:

W’e’re working on a couple of short tutorials, but you can always buy a copy of the book, which covers pretty much everything you need to know. Night Photography- Finding Your Way In The Dark by Lance Keimig. Available in 6 languages.

Lance Keimig says:

Since we are lighting multiple ares during each shot, the light is moved from one place to another while the shutter is open, but turned off in between locations.

sulaim14 says:

could you guys make some tutorials. I wud be great for those who cant get to you. Like those who live far from you guys.

sulaim14 says:

wow. I love This Guys. I want to know tho. do you move the light to the spot you wanna shoot before you take the shot or after you take the shot. plz help.

DomedProductions says:

Great Video You Earned A Sub 🙂

SeldomSeen Mike says:

Looks like a fun workshop.

gewglesux says:

anyone know if there is still an issue with using a tripod in NYC? i know it’s common sense but i thought i’d ask… BTW if you are bringing a Mono pod onto a plane and it does not fit into your bag – check it…. i got held up the other day coming back from Japan… thought i was going to miss my flight..

gewglesux says:

oh well done!!! this is very informative.. i knew there was a reason that i got back in photography! thank you very much!

dlmahtani7 says:

This is amazing. Makes me wanna go out and experiment!

Tony Le says:

absolutely amazing. fully inspiration. thank you

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