Nikon D3100 – best entry-level DSLR?

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In this video, we take another look at the Nikon D3100, a DSLR that is aimed at entry-level users. In our previous review, done by Lok, he used some rather “technical” language that might have perplexed some of the beginners out there, so, in this video we aim to review the camera in as easy-to-understand way as possible. Pricing Reference:


dragonkikosgc says:


jacob johnston says:

why is the tag still on that hat?

Liam Endresen says:

Why is the tag still on your Hat?

superkidsco says:

hey, question? what would you recomend for someone like me who needs a camera that is good for film movie making. the d3100 nikon or the Eos Rebel t3?

TommyGun8142 says:

Well it isn’t.

Sandy Leung says:

I think I’m aiming to get one for Christmas. By the way, Mister, nice review, however did you notice the price tag sticking out of your hat or was I slow to notice… 😀

Helol5 says:

That d-light feature sounds d light full!

wtfruthinking1986 says:

Well said! I was only joking I did not know it was going to turn in to a English class my god !!

Tom Keesing says:

Thanks for the video, I am sorry that there are people here who are trying to correct the presenters English pronounciation of Nikon when in fact he is pronouncing it correctly. Oh well.

david truong says:

LOL we’re a bunch of meticulous English-speaking jerks! haha

david truong says:

sorry if i’m having a SPREE at your ridiculous and rude comments to other people, but if someone pronouces a word differently from you, what harm does it do, as long as the definition of the word is being conveyed correctly! the word doesn’t belong to you let alone the language you and i speak so quit the arrogant attitude you’re giving. people from the US simply have a different accent and dialect from people from the UK (you) and AUS (me), it’s the same vernacular hence definition! TOM!

david truong says:

sorry to interrupt your argument with the other person, you’re right about one thing, the “pronunciation” of the word, as you stated above, quoted, “however the minute people in the US try to tell legitimate English speakers that we are pronouncing our OWN language ……” the word Nikon derives from JAPAN, not England or any other English speaking country. it would be appreciated if comments were contructed thoroughly before establishment on youtube. from Down-under

susy2731 says:

why are you guys arguing about the pronunciation? this video isn’t about English, is a DSLR camera review! stop already!
Great video, your review was very helpful.

wtfruthinking1986 says:

Have you ever heard of vowel’s and the way the pronounced. It different every where. And your face is an insult!…..LOL JK JK. 

wtfruthinking1986 says:

Damit it’s not Nick-on It’s Ni-kon!!!

Grisel Blanco says:

Thank you SO much for your help!!! I will definitely look into these two cameras you’ve suggested!! (:

MokaFuzz says:

The T3i and T4i are great if you want to learn as you go. They have fantastic on-screen instructions for every mode and setting. This allows you to start as soon as you your camera out tof the box. They have enough simplicity to please beginners, but also enough variability to help you grow as a photographer. If it’s your first DSLR and you would like to use movie mode as well, I’d look into those.

chan lee says:

ihavethis cam for about 8months and i never try to explore and try it manually..tnx for the vid.

Nashid77 says:


nelsono415 says:

Canon t3i is a camera you should look into. Have a little more money? Look into the Canon t4i. Great camera!

Lochlann Hill says:

Just got one. Really exited! I’m a beginner so this vid helps

Gold Falls says:

just bought this camera, can’t wait!

trapazza says:

I’m not a native English speaker but I find his accent really British. Is it normal to pronounce “pixels” as “pixools”

blakliii says:

2:00 you forgot something….

BeautyJolee says:

Fantastic! one question though are you able to turn off the focus feature? so it doesn’t always move when a aspect moves.

CannabisDelux says:

Canon EOS 1100D or the Nikon D3100 ? im a poor man so i have to spend my money well 🙂

briandubII says:

I. want to pull that tag off. SO BAD!!

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