Nikon D5100 In Camera HDR Tutorial

or copy the link I noticed that the Nikon D5100 has an in camera HDR mode so I wanted to give it a try since I am not that good at HDR. I know this doesn’t relate to DSLR video, but I think HDR is helpful in learning about shadow and highlights so that is why I included this tutorial on HDR. Since I have Photomatix Pro I also compared it to that as well. To be honest since I am not that good at HDR yet, I kinda think that the in camera HDR did a better job than I did.


mj rob says:

@christina are your battery not fully charged?

Dustin Duvall says:

I think I figured it out. You have to be in one of the P/S/A/M and can’t be using RAW format. (Have to have JPEG selected.)

norbi93 says:

In HDR mode it makes it himself i think, and he uses the photomatix pro software to adjust the contrast and other setting, but i’m not sure. Sorry if i’m wrong. My friend has a Nikon D5100 i will try it out and i’ll be back with a right answer :)).

Venu Gopal Buddhavarapu says:

do u need photoshop to merge the photos taken with 3 different exposures????

kanooone says:

You can set the fn button to activate HDR mode with one click.

danbahaushe says:

Thanks man

Jikdor says:

Haha, THX, couldn’t figure out why it wouldn’t let me use hdr…

anindya ambuj says:

No it takes 2, I had the same question, what is happening is that the mirror locks up to enable live view mode and falls down again when the process is completed. It happens even when taking a single shot. Thus giving an appearance of 1 more shot. hope that helps.. 🙂

derohneusername says:

Does anybody know why the camera takes 3 shots whilst in LiveView-Mode, and only 2 shots whilst using the manual viewfinder?

Serkan Balta says:

thank you Dave.

Robert Orosco says:

Dave working with Nikons! I feel so betrayed!

eareys23 says:

is it necessary to always put HDR on?

ugottapee says:

After half an hour of not being able to change the HDR settings I found this video and your comment. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!! I was going nuts because the camera kept telling me the HDR function was unavailable at the current settings and I tried everything I could think of with no success. Changed from RAW to FINE (jpeg) and finally it works. Amazing how something so simple can throw you off. Now I’m going to the park to try my luck 🙂

kaiyamie says:

I know this is a little late, but HDR will not work in any of the auto modes. Switch to P/S/A/M.

KingZomp says:

Which lens did you use?(Sorry For Bad English)

vliete21 says:

thanks so much..almost frustrating! why i can’t switch when it’s in RAW…

LordLoldemort7 says:

It’s okay, I was just trying to help 🙂

alancik123 says:

Yeah sorry, i had no idea what i’m talking about back then lol. It’s different camera actually.

LordLoldemort7 says:

They don’t have the same sensor, D5100 has the same sensor as the D7000. Also, D5100 has continuous AF while you shoot video. There are more AF points in D5100, it also has external mic input or whatever and I can’t remember anything else right now but there are also some effects and the ISO range is larger on D5100. Just google “D5100 VS. D3100” and you’ll have all the answers.

bhabynimitch says:

thanks men… worked good,,,,

NO0Bstatus says:

THANK YOU! i could not figure out what was wrong lol

brett248vista says:

Live View with the articulated screen makes high and low angle photography very easy. Without this feature you would either be down on the ground trying to look through the viewfinder or would need a right angle viewfinder adapter.

Danteii55 says:

that is f****** beautiful! awesome function, im gonna get this camera in about a month

Bakllazaan says:

thanks alot… i dont even know that i had HDR mode

illestpunjabiny says:

I had bracketing on .. so when i turned that off, it worked perfectly…

Billthrasher says:

will not work in RAW.. had to change to jpeg.. hope it helps

Kieron Taylor says:

I just figured out that one can accidentally disable the easy HDR mode if you have selected auto-exposure bracketing elsewhere. It comes back to life again when you turn exposure bracketing off again. ( I button, bkt in the bottom right ). HDR only works in P, A, S, and M.

illestpunjabiny says:

Can you tell me what the settings have to be on the d5100 to use the hdr mode? I’m not able to select it.. it says, it can not be used in the current settings.

alancik123 says:

So D5100 is basically D3100 with tilt screen, and it has a HDR feature, when D3100 doesn’t? Why is that : I mean it’s firmware thing, not hardware, hardware-wise they are pretty much same.

Hiron3star says:

Hello there, do you know “MagicSFXphoto” (google it)? On their website you will find a nice free video showing how to make incredible pictures. This made it possible for Daniel to take photographs which have that wow-effect whenever you take a look at them. Perhaps it will work for you too…

Sotti Photoblog says:

If u do the same thing not in live view u will hear 2 expo i tried i have the same camera!

Sotti Photoblog says:

There is only 2 picture !!! just read the manual! the 3. noise what u hear its not the 3. expo, its just a mirror coz u rae in live view! sorry for my poor language im hungarian.And if im wrong somebody correct me pls

MyN0ob says:

I shoot raw

ApPIEcDeR says:

lol it sounds like a microwave!

UnderhoodMusic says:

What tripod is this?

Ramiz Borodach says:

Zoom out while on the pic and choose the ones you want to delete.

PABRJB says:

How do you delete multip photos on the Nikon D5100? Thanks.

Athlons007 says:

Looks great! HDR build-in camera! no need to do with HDR program in PC.

Super9112008 says:

nice video.
At D5100, what is the difference between HDR, Multiple Exposure and Auto Bracketing?

Super9112008 says:

I think flip-screen is not only for video but for still photos with different angles, also when you want to get yourself in the photo. It is not condition to have vary angle screen with full video control.

ltan11 says:

ya, i would definitely do it if it is still under warranty

randomrazr says:

i found one stuck pixel ont he LCD screen, should i take it back?

randomrazr says:

can someone tell me how to enable auto focus in video mode?

hallfighter7 says:

I’m garbage with photomatix pro so this will be very useful, thanks!

treehugger3615 says:

The only beef I have with this camera is, why bother making a flip-screen and all when you can’t even control video manually? Isn’t that more important?

goyito31 says:

Make sure you have bracketing off otherwise HDR will not work.

kimberly moon says:

how do you turn on your HDR on.. im wont turn on.

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