Photoshop: HDR Effect Tutorial

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In this tutorial, we explain and demonstrate how to create the HDR effect in Photoshop, without needing the 3 pictures with different exposures. Join ImagenSkins and Start learning Photoshop, Gimp, Web Design, and more for free!


natalie dell says:

Wow I dont know ,but this is the best way to get you colors pop out..amazing…Thank you..

mozmal says:

Nice work. Thanks indeed.

SugaHoneyIceTea36 says:

This isnt even a pseude HDR aeffect but a standard edit to give an image some punch. A pseude HDR would be 1 shot over & under exposed in software and then blended to 1 image unlike a true HDR where you would do 3-9 bracketed shots.
Nice instructional vid but kinda misleading title 😉

ThePixelGangster says:

/watch?v=Et5-wO767Xo&feature=g-upl HDDDRRR Tutorial :P

ThePixelGangster says:

Look here for MORE HDR TUTORIAL !!  Hier gibt es weitere Tutorials!! Hier mein neuestes HDR Tutorial:
/watch?v=Et5-wO767Xo ☻♥☺☺☺☻☻♥

Tanmay Das says:

really nice man….

Arlen K says:

this one help me a lot…and very easy as one two three! thank you !!!

ImagenSkins says:

No problem! Come check back later and subscribe for more videos. I will be starting making more tutorials now.

Maya Spencer says:

thank you so much for this tutorial!

buhaybaboy says:

I did this and mine looked like shit 🙁

Psychotomimesis says:

Is Normalization the same thing as HDR?

Jude Dimitri Catangui says:

T.Y. ur da man!

Miguel Alves says:

Same here… It seems a great effect, I’m trying it for sure and long exposures too 🙂

gosutohanta says:

great tutorial! I knew there must be a way to do it without taking numerous pictures

Patrick Yap says:

im using CS2, i got group into new smart object but not convert smart object, when i go to next step , image > adjustment > shadow/highlight ….i click on it but nothing come out 🙁 , any one can help ?

Kasie Littleton says:

thank you so much this is the only video i found that shows what wanted

Qzyxya says:

this is retarded

perth45 says:

I use CS6….I followed everything, but when I get to using curves, it doesn’t say ‘ok’…and thats where it all goes wrong……

Ayaz Ahmed says:

Tried alot 2 apply HDR effect earlier,bt aftr watchin ur clip,i FINALLY did it..This helped me alot…Thnx man!!

TessaPadova says:

Shellshock was on line

startphotography says:

Great tutorial. I always create my HDR images using a single RAW file. You can do so much with the RAW file and take it to so many extremes. Then I just save all the different adjustments as different jpgs, and overlap them in Photoshop.

kylebabb13 says:

OMG thank you!!!! 😀

jeffrockr says:

real hdr are way better looking anyway ! but still thanks for showing


Your voice and accent is really cool

michellealena7 says:

Thanks for putting this up! Very helpful.

Yukitomomirachan says:

omg thanks so much! I love you! <3

Sopheak Sek says:

I’ve learnt so much from this amazing tutorial….
Even though M just a beginner but I could see some dramatic changes in my photos through ur tutorials..
Thx u so much…. Liked n subscribed!!!

hack sisTeM says:

thanks Men,, 😀 😀

Phoenicion says:

thats nice thanks!!

darKofdEcade says:

hey where you make your intro??

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