Photoshop Tutorial: Creating an HDR Image From A Single RAW File [In-Depth] Intermediate

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An in-depth intermediate Adobe Photoshop CS4 tutorial showing you how to create an HDR (High Dynamic Range) image from a single RAW file


sangrededragon says:

Great Video however! Thanks:)

sangrededragon says:

Could you do this video again, but go slower.. when you do the vignette.. its too fast…?

QuantumApparatus says:

fuck thats awesome

TutorVidCom says:

haha, yep – you guessed it

U3erpru7ser says:

Nice picture and great tutorial.
Not properly mounted the lens hood, perhaps?

Gela Gh says:

Thanks so much!!! VERY VERY helpful! 🙂 

lesayen26 says:

why do you need a raw image ? and how do you acces the first screen ?

Savagetechdude says:

Good TuT, but it’s a lot more work then someone needs to do. You can do all this in ACR with one raw file using gradients and the adjustments brush. There is no need to create two images to merge in photoshop

Raditram says:

This is fantastic tutorial!!! very very helpful

omar perez says:

You guys should check out this videos out they are really helpful

ZemscoFF says:

These blue clouds looks ugly.

iHsg16 says:


TrollInjection says:

This dude, sounds like Topiary.

TutorVidCom says:

.. these tutorials are also meant for those who are not familiar with Photoshop

everestdesign7 says:

Hells bells dude, quit zooming in and out. Not necessary for anyone who is familiar with photoshop. Made me sick.

HandsNFeetGOD says:

You are awesome!

TutorVidCom says:

thanks, yeah good advie

jj77hh says:

Hold the ALT key and click between the adjustment layer and the layer beneath it.

scruffyscruffill says:

hey, just wondering…i have CS3 and i can not find the link down button…can you help?

MrJoeGemma says:

I actually am hahahahaha

bluehavencd says:

Very well done….well done indeed.

hawkmannn says:

finished image was great, liked the tutorial

urtalking2me says:

14 ppl must be color blind

Broombringer says:

Wow you are good! 😀

Thanks alot for the Tutorial.

Subbed, Likes and <3 🙂

stickerhappy85 says:

how did you make the buildings all black at 1:19? i think your tutorial skipped that part.tnx

TutorVidCom says:

Are you updated to the latest version of Adobe Camera Raw

shinelikecrystal09 says:


tarantulaman1720 says:

that original picture had some serious vignetteing

pelermon says:

Unfortunately your 4 min tutorial is going to take me at least a day to learn. But once I have it down, it should be fun to use.

lopzag says:

are the necessary tools to do this included in Photoshop Elements, or do you need the full package?

TutorVidCom says:

Yeah, I should try to talk a little slower. If the overall tutorial goes too fast, press the pause button in between steps so you can follow along on Photoshop

TutorVidCom says:


CStrike0unter says:

croatia in the building!

ninja78 says:

nice vdo…but it is too fast….

Mitchell Moss says:

(comment below) wtf are you talking about? This tutorial took about 4 minutes and produced a beautiful image..

nawoalanor says:

My previous post I made at around 2/3 through the video. I just finished the video and I think I was being too kind.

This technique for creating an HDR image is so staggeringly terrible that I don’t even understand how someone would come up with it. It requires at least a working knowledge of photoshop but at the same time it ignores the most obvious basics.

It’s like you took a one-week “Photoshop Basics” course but only attended a couple of days and spent most of that time texting.

nawoalanor says:

This is a 5/10 tutorial for this one specific scene type, at best a 2/10 for HDR in general. This is a completely wrong, unnecessarily complicated, and hacky technique.

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