Review: Canon 60D (DSLR)

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Buy it at my Amazon Store: In this video, I review the Canon EOS 60D DSLR. This Canon camera not only takes amazing pictures, but stuns with the quality of it’s 1080p HD video performance. Get my iPhone App: Twitter: Website: Review Canon EOS 60D (DSLR) Review: Canon EOS 60D (DSLR) Review: Canon EOS 60D (DSLR) Review: Canon EOS 60D (DSLR)


Max Stephens says:

Nice job.

rockhopper123452 says:


littlewillie13 says:

is there any volume leveling control when using an external mic ? and would you recomend it for shooting live bands ? Thanks.

Ankit G says:

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UpToVlog says:

What camera did you use to record this video? 🙂

SergeantAnus says:

it’s the wrong picture of a 60D at 1:51.

ThatTechDSLRGuy says:

what lens did you use to film the 60D in this video? its bokehlicious!

ThatTechDSLRGuy says:

its about 800 pounds with the kit lens (kit lens isnt good but its fine for begginers_

WasiTechie says:

How much is this super cool awesome camera?

1DJRebell says:

hey soldier,good job on the camera reviews btw. im shopping for a camera or camcorder thats good to shoot night time videos or taking pictures. i am a dj and do alot of gigs and i would like a good quality camera that i can take on the road with me to shoot videos of my events. shoot me ur recommendation.

wvaltv says:

Excellent review. My Rebel T3i just died on me… ERR 70 kept showing up every time I tried to shoot HD video with it. I’m hoping I have better luck with the Canon 600D. Is this Canon in the Rebel series or no?

ChristianIsTech says:

try the 600D (t3i)
its $600 on ebay and has the same features

siekiersk says:

This camera is AMAZING, I wish i could afford it.

Andieta Utamia says:

Hi, for more information please visit cheap-dslr-camera. net

TRIALvsERR0R says:

what camera did u flim this review with?

CoreMProductions says:

Hello, im looking on getting this camera from you, do you ship to England? How long will it take to deliver?


Albert Montinola says:

I had a 50D and the noise in ISO1600 is really bad! So I sold it. Then got the 60D. LOVING it! The only cons is the body is not magnesium alloy. Other than that, I love my 60D! 🙂

Jackson9797 says:

@ppbbgay really I thought it seems really good!

ppbbgay says:

60D is worst cannon i ever have! …….
worst build materials ps. got 30D 40D too

Billy Hesse says:

listen faster!

shreddingrounds says:

Talk slower!

AznAndrewPhan says:

It does both. Manually focus is much better for video, Auto focus for point and shoot.

Gaby Hernandez says:

does this camera focus alone or you have to do that manually?

caitlynw24 says:

hi yall! I am selling a slr camera and a laptop on my channel! Check it out! Please? I’m tryin to get this 60D actually.and great video btw..

caitlynw24 says:

hi yall! I am selling a slr camera and a laptop on my channel! Check it out! Please? and great video btw..

mohamed ashraf says:

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TheKingOfTheLlama says:

You need to expand your ISO in the camera settings 😛 Go to menu and go on your custom options and then go to exposure. You then need to press the right key till you get to the third option which will be ISO expansion and change it to on 🙂 Simple to do just hard to figure out if you haven’t done it before 😛

Abdulla Awadi says:

I am getting one when school is over

OllieBurnsTV says:

You said it goes up to 12800 ISO … and i am not like attacking you and it is probably me that is wrong but i have it and on it, it can only go up to 6400 (half) am i doing something wrong??

Natedog2point0 says:

xJawz has this camera.

JasonBornTV says:

Look no further: Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8 for a zoom lens, or a Sigma 30mm f/1.4 if you want a prime lens.

sanjserif121 says:

Many thanks Dan!

dan110024 says:

I recently did some research on a good general lens for my girlfriend to travel with. I found the ‘Sigma 17-50mm F2.8 EX DC OS HSM’. Almost nothing negative can be found when watching/reading the reviews. It’s a great lens for the price (around $700-$800). I highly recommend you watch some reviews. I’ll soon be buying a 60D as my first SLR and I’ll definitely be buying body only and buying this lens.

Some reviews..

CloudmanProductions says:

I agree. The 7D also has better viewfinder coverage, but for someone starting out that isn’t a big deal. One of the big buying factors, is actually the flip out LCD screen, IF you want to go for video. Although the 7D is more rugged with its body, it does overheat quite quickly when filming, similar to the 5D. If you’re interested in any long-take filming, the 60D is the way to go, because being able to move the screen away keeps the heat down. For short-takes, the full-frame 5D takes the cake.

Megan Killion says:

hey, I just bought a canon 60d today, and have a brand new 16 gb samsung sd card in it. So I was testing the video on it today and during playback there was a red blinking light going this anything to worry about? very nervous!!

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