Strobist advice – controlling spill light

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How to control spilled light when using an umbrella flash? Learn it all at a strobist workshop: The next workshop will be Saturday 24 November in Sydney – with Tina as model. (Max 8 students – message me to reserve). Gear Used – Photography Nikon D4: (Amazon: ) Tamron 24-70mm: (Adorama: ) BLACK RAPID SPORT strap: (Amazon: ) Video Nikon D5100: (Amazon: ) Australia I recommend Digital Camera Warehouse: Outside Australia I recommend Adorama: & Amazon: ====== Sign up to our mailing list at See all the latest photography news & reviews on my second channel here Join in: Twitter:


thatnikonguy says:

she was being lit by the umbrella

Bernie Hunt says:

Wouldn’t you pivot the flash “up” when taking shots in portrait mode? Doesn’t that just throw the strobe ‘light’ off to the left side, or is that the light angle you are looking for?

mamiyapress says:

anything with Tina.

Rees473 says:

I want to know what the Monopoly joke was!

thatnikonguy says:

great - enjoy!

Jortzul says:

Great video as always 🙂 I have the Rogue flash bender but never thought to use it like that 😛 so thanks 😀

thatnikonguy says:


thatnikonguy says:

….um ok

Campos2011 says:

Good humor. Great tips in your video.

iamwcg1961 says:

Thatnikonguy, you are an idiot, but my kind of idiot . Keep shooting and posting brother.

Preston House says:

Great tips and man your model is killer hot!!

78pianist says:

What flashes did you use on camera and off?

Juan Delgado says:

iv noticed that you use your speed light in reverse on camera in most your video, do you have it set to add light to the picture or not?

UserError1000 says:

Ok, I think there are some other really good ways too: a/. use the black cover that came with your shoot through to cover half the umbrella b/. physically turn the flash head within the umbrella towards the model (feather the flash!) c/. Use a softbox with a grid – even better d/. Use the black cover on the umbrella but collapse the umbrella towards the model …. and perhaps, before you start, ensure diffusion panel is not over the flash.

bozziovai says:

.. i like the later part better. seeing how a professional photographer deal with a model. for me that was the tip of this video. thanks again Matt.

rezjrprod says:

sometimes that will work but also gotta watch out for spill bouncing in the ubrella and back to the lens if your too far back.

Erik Ballew says:

I have to stop watching your channel, I’m starting to develop a thing for Tina!!

Goran Nikolic says:

Hot chicks every time!! Photo?? More hot chicks!!!

oaklandtobangkok says:

I like your style and just the way you do stuff.

rico forlini says:

Awesome video as always! Great tips, great shots and beautiful model!

thatnikonguy says:

come back to reality Diego… there are lots of worthwhile ways you can apply that imagination.

thatnikonguy says:

trigger only.

sherwood5103 says:

@thatnikonguy – Matt, in the video, were you using the flash on camera as a trigger only, or in TTL mode? Thanks!

iDiegoDesigner says:

Man! that model wants something with you! check out 1:28 or 1:29 she saw your pants, then she forgot the notion of time. After, she try to go into the conversation but she never knows what happen lol then she saw her boobs because she was nervous, that means that she was doing something with you man in her mind in just a few seconds. Congrats! she is very hot!

MALITHA8 says:

Alamby is shorter isn’t it?

kbudiarto says:

No, she doesn’t!

atheer2002 says:

great tip..

Paintedcards says:

Why were you shooting vertices with the horizontal grips?

Trond von D says:

Beautiful pictures and a gorgeous model! Great video Matt 🙂

Chally2015 says:

Hey Matt, i can’t believe you called Tina a tranny!!!

Im not sure how long your going to get away with abusing her… lol 🙂

Lukasz Kostecki says:

Matt, great studio work! I think it’s good approach, we want more tips studio like that. THX! Appreciate your efort!

Finn Boyle says:

Hey Matt,
I’ve been wondering for a while; with your videos where you use a model, do you hire the model just for the video? Or do you just ask a model you are working with if you can make a video at the end of a shoot? Or something entirely different?

morepassionfoo says:

tina needs a mic so we can hear the insults. i mean conversations.

hgbegood says:

more strobist stuff pls :D

ThisIzTheEdge says:

That outfit really shows off the curves! Why haven’t you worn that red shirt before Matt? JK 😉 She looks better than ever!

ThisIzTheEdge says:

how so?

thatnikonguy says:

Hi – see the description of the video – I give links to the gear used. It is the Blackrapid Sport strap

boytanong says:

What have you been smoking lately? lol

jadestone22211 says:

nice short and very useful for guys like me who shoot a lot with umbrellas. i personally use my grey WB card and just use rubber band to hold it on one side of the flash. thanks!

subjectb says:

What if you move the umbrella closer to the flash?

Kristyanna Virgona says:

Matt Please tell me what is the name of the Black Rapid Strap that you were using on your camera for this shoot, (the one that goes under our arm Pit) I am a big girl and have the woman’s strap that is just a little small for me when I were a coat (winters coming to the Northern Hemisphere) I am in Way northern CA (near Mt Shasta 14,172 ft)) Thanks, Kristyanna

thatnikonguy says:

I don’t see much resemblance at all…

vandoeh says:

she looks like Alamby…

Mycheal Jones says:

I notice that have a speed light on your hot shoe and one on the light stand…are you using the on on your camera as a Commander (CMD)?

james canonuser says:

cool story bro…

Vartan297 says:

She really s stunning, gets hotter every time. She seems cool too… Is she married? Haha

PJ Pantelis says:

haha matt you got totally sassed by tina

Vishnu Rajendran Amboo says:

One of the effective way which I normally use, is to dial in the zoom on the flash head itself or re positioning the flash (holder) distance to the umbrella to control spillage and it works pretty effectively…

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