Strobist Preliminaries

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This is a brief introduction to basic gear and terminology for the beginning strobists, photographers using small off-camera flashes to take their photos to the next level.


rafer cruz says:

Thank you…

tooljoker197 says:

best video i’ve watched all day, no HD or attractive models like on Smokin Strobes, it doesn’t need it! now to buy a couple flashes…….

zsuzsiwd says:

“The cool thing is, you understood what I just said…” hahaha I laughed so hard

TexasTongs says:

Bravo ! Loved the production of this video. Thank you so much.

SodaVampire says:

This was so helpful!

TheSwordandScales says:

This is the best thing I have ever watched on YouTube. Perhaps not the funniest, or the scariest, or the saddest, but it is the best.

andy mcwatters says:

nice vid sounds like the guy on zietgiest

Washington2o3 says:

“Perhaps the most spectacular way to screw things up..”

1221crow says:

i want to like this 100 billion  times

altitudealchemy says:

Awesome video!! Great information and love the pace of the video. Thanks!

SuperAhmed1337 says:

Can the music be louder? I really have trouble hearing it over all the talking. Yes, that’s sarcasm. Next time, try without music.

MrPopeofmaspeth says:

Great tutorial, thanks!

coolhandloc1 says:

10 people must not own a really good camera

76something says:

Wow, you must own a really good microphone.

Poi159 says:

Thanks for the tips!

ufontinas says:

Great video. I just started reading Lighting 101. Thank you for the great information.

Sarah Ryle says:

GREAT video. LMAO @ really good camera & DMV… :)

Sarah Ryle says:

GREAT video. LMAO @ really good camera & DMV… 🙂

DarkAgent80 says:

WOW! Thank you for just demystifying lighting for me!

Alan Aure says:

amazing video. this puts together so much info ive come across! 

MrTanker10a says:

Awesome piece of video. Did you catch your breath?

scissorhands96 says:

Really well done! You must have a really nice camera! 🙂

hipobir says:

Briliant the best crash course strobist video i have seen ever

xbrandonolsonx says:

Lol!! Wow! You must own a really good camera!! Yep, that’s all you need! 😛

kld34 says:

this is AWESOME! very easy to understand and fast to learn

Kajiruki says:

I think I just learnt more about lighting than a year at uni! Thanks so much!

MrDigger1969 says:


jebarwood says:

well that was just about the best tutorial vid on anything ive ever watched, thank you so much, I dont think i there was a single second of dud info and i also think i understood everything, thanks again !!!

pddp200 says:

Brilliant, Thanks!!

jbterese says:

Thanks! this is so informative!

Bill C Martin says:

As someone who is rubbish at using flash I’m starting out to change that. This is superb – thank you!

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