Strobist Softbox Technique Tutorial

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Gavin Hoey out on location at the beach shows you a strobist technique using the smick 60 x 60cm stobist softbox. First of all using an exposure for the background and adding a small amount of light to the model, then increasing the flash giving more light to the model. Finally slow down the shutter to give more exposure to the background and the model. With a strobist softbox it is very portable you can shoot night looking scenes during the day so go ahead and try out these techniques see what effects you can achieve. We can ship this softbox to the UK and most EU countries.


John Martindale says:

Thank you very much, this was helpful 🙂

Hayabusa1300cc says:

Damn that’s why I watch these tips on YouTube, awesome simple tip

René Salvador says:

why not use a light meter to determine the proper camera exposure so that you dont have to be fiddling with the speedlite and camera settings?

Ricardo G says:

do you use any filter? if yes, what filter you use?

saigmundur says:

This was very helpful.. Even though it is a pretty simple technique I wouldn’t have come up with it myself 🙂

ENCNvideos says:

You sound like David Mitchell.


jmez927 says:

Getting it right out of camera is important. Which in term leads to less time in post processing. Which leads more time doing other things. Like having a life.

smickphoto says:

Yes there is enough room for a wireless trigger.

smickphoto says:

We only ship to Europe.

smickphoto says:

Half depress the shutter button and the shutter speed and aperture show in the viewfinder.

dhaze1 says:

I have a canon 550d.. can I do a meter reading like you did in this video for the clouds? and how? thanks

BryanConover says:

Do you ship to the United States ?

matttheswede says:

Is there enough height adjustment to use a wireless trigger mounted to the bottom of the flashgun? i haven’t got a fancy built in wireless flashgun so i would like to use a trigger with it.

krstone0 says:

He’s got that Austin Powers impression down to the T…. lol

smickphoto says:

Hi You won’t find Gavin here as he does not work for our company he is a freelance. The studio light will be more powerful than a speedlight the inner of the softbox is highly reflective using the disc will not produce the same result.

freestylefilmsinc says:


Whatisright says:

Did you have to worry about diffraction at all at f/18?

barbershop22 says:

I like how he says “softbox”.

mitchellsk says:

A quick & concise how-to video that doesn’t drag on forever. Great job! Tells me what I need to know fast without getting bogged down.

javierlocutor says:

Is a matter of likes and style but actually, I liked more the picture at 1/2 power than the one at full power.

Thanks for the post, is always good to watch videos like this one… have a great day and keep making videos.

smickphoto says:

Gavin tells you the website at the end of the video!

1schiller says:

Where can we get it ?…u didnt say the most important thing

TRoFilms says:

This is a new blog about Photography.

halocritian says:

thanks! that was very informative such a beginner like me

smickphoto says:

Checkout the website for the latest price, mark III arriving soon.

Mo3run says:

how much is it ?

smickphoto says:

It does work with those speedlights but its only available in Europe.

HighSierraBob says:

Where is this made and will it work with a Nikon SB-800/900? Also, do you ship to the US?

smickphoto says:

You need a wireless trigger there are many on the market.

shalukuttan says:

What’s the best way to trigger the external flash? I have a 420EX and a T2i

smickphoto says:

Gavin uses Canon gear so either 580ex or 430ex but use a flash that is compatible with your camera.

emmyfairyswispers says:

hello, i want to buy a softbox but i really want a flash like yours, but i don’t know the name of it, can you write to me?
thank you

bruvvamoff says:

I guess you just like saying Micansu.

smickphoto says:

Err… No! Sponsored by

bruvvamoff says:

Sponsored by.. who was it again? Ah yes, Micansu.

westcoasthaase says:

fantastic mate

Matt Z says:

Thanks for the video, I am ordering that softbox. It is just as good as the Lastolite, and it costs about 1/4 of the price! Actually I think I will order 2 of them!

Matt Z says:

great video, thanks!

corabianu says:

Just what I was looking for. Great tutorial! Thanks

randybarrera says:

Great tutorial!

smickphoto says:

Hi You won’t find Gavin here he is over at his own channel Photogavin

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