Strobist Tutorial: Off Camera Flash Photography Introduction

or copy the link Subscribe for more, thanks! LINKS: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: CAMCRUNCH: This video covers the basic fundamentals of off camera flash or Strobist photography that you should know before starting. It also covers some of the basic camera settings that you need to follow, as well as some advice regarding using flashes. Hope this help, and more actual tutorial will come soon!


Jay Andrino says:

Such knowledge from someone your age brother. 🙂 Keep it up man! Subscribed for sure. Mabuhay!

Joshua Raikes says:

So basically, expose for the ambient light, then adjust your light to your taste

Isira Laide says:

Hello! Have you considered photo sfxart tricks (just google it)? My mate Diana made some unbelivable photos with their video lessons.

CamCrunch says:



very nice explanation thanks for all the tips 😉

CamCrunch says:

No problem! Thanks for watching!

marco vegas says:

thanks bro 😀

CamCrunch says:

Thanks for the support!

isthatstatiqsound says:

dude? did u noticed you have dislikes on yur page?? the ones that disliked yur stuff are all haters or fakers.. your info is valuable to anyone who is learning..
thanks for the vids

mozilla805 says:

thanks for the vids nigga, im tryin to get out da hood

tashmoo says:

definitely go for yongnuo rf622c 🙂 new one

Javier Flores says:

best tutorial on off camera flash I’ve seen! Thanks for making it simple!

CamCrunch says:

Definitely take a look at the Yongnuo RF602 or 603! Cheap and reliable!

Tobias Hart says:

I currently have a canon 600d (t3i) and an old pentax AF280T flash which i can’t seem to use without it blinding someone. Im thinking of getting a canon speedlite 430EX II flash and one or two cheaper flashes which i can use as fill flashes, i have no idea what transmitters/transceivers I should purchase would you recommend any?

lilrichierich says:

omfg I finally understand!!! thank you so much!!! hahahahaha

Papusiakk says:

You’re great, you explain perfectly and easily photography. Just one question: i’ve never been a strobist, i’ve always taken lanscapes, but i’ve just bought a yongnuo flash; i’ve seen that you always talk about 2 flashes, can i do off-camera flash photography also with only one flash or do i gotta buy another? Thanks, and keep it up!

CamCrunch says:

Thank you! It’s awesome of you to say that. All I try to do is help everyone out, but hopefully this will all get me somewhere one day!

David Marion says:

That has got to be the best explained way to do this, I see a big future for you.

mystro12372 says:

Man you do a great job on explaining things.

CamCrunch says:

That’s awesome, I appreciate it! Thats not problem at all!

johntsides58 says:

I help people with learning how to use their T2i’s and use your Videos to help explain things,, it’s a lit easier when they can see you showing them than for me to try to explain every little thing. Hope it’s ok that I use your Video.
Great Work!!!

johntsides58 says:

Love your Videos,, Ihave learned a lot from you. You are really good and Smart young Man,, just wanted to let you know your helping poeple out there and great job. I love the YN- Flashes!!! Glad I saw your Channell.
Keep up the great work.

CamCrunch says:

I’m not sure what you’re talking about. With off camera flash, if you go above your sync speed, you’ll get a back image. The curtains will close before your flash fires.

DriftKing1813 says:

You can use a higher shutter speed and go over your sync speed if you leave the external flash at normal without high speed sync or second curtain. It’ll just make your ext. flash use a stronger power to equalize the exposure. For example: 1/2000, f/3.5 @ ISO 1600, ext flash power will be amped to 1/8 or so.

CamCrunch says:

No problem! Thanks for watching.

devlop77 says:

great one..thanks lot

stfanciscainta says:

Great tutorial. You explained the concepts very well.

Tim Rysell says:

REALLY good explanation man.

David Tapia says:

I think if you can afford a light meter that can give you the % difference of light coming from the background vs flash you will work less and faster. If you can’t afford the meter take notes and create your personal scale base on your personal equipment.

CamCrunch says:

Strobist Tutorial: Off Camera Flash Photography Introduction

CamCrunch says:

Thank you!

Richard Rama says:

I am amazed by how you explain things. Thumbs up to you.

James Clennett says:

as much i knew most of what you said it did help been doing photography for just over a year self taught and i have a flash but i hardly use it i have no off flashes but i will when i save to start my business but thats a very helpful video thank you

Rasmus Olsen says:

Im about to go on vacation, and i wanna do a lot of landscape photos. I have a Canon EOS 550D, with a EFS 15-55mm lens. What would you recommend for settings, to take some really good looking images?

emsmkivgolf says:

Thanks for the reply. haha as long as I know its not just me, I can sleep a little easier.

CamCrunch says:

It will be like that for everyone. The more you do it, the easier it gets!

emsmkivgolf says:

Hey Nico, first off awesome videos! Your tutorials are informative, professional and are an asset to many.

Second, I had a quick question regarding strobist work as I am now getting into off camera work. When it comes to a two flash set up (camera left and camera right), is there an easy way to determine what flash settings should be used? I find when I shoot, its a lot of trial and error until I get the desired image. I just am not sure if its me or if its like that for everyone?

startphotography says:

Photography is such a beautiful form of art. Great video.

CamCrunch says:

I really suggest trying out different cameras if you can. In my opinion, most cameras today are able to produce very good images. For canon, the Rebel T3i is a very good option.

Steady North says:

Do you know a good (canon) beginner camera? I was thinking of getting a Nikon D3100, but now I want to know your opinion.

CamCrunch says:

You could do that. Its harder that way though because you might blow out your subject too much. Try to use a white background or blow out the background with the help of lights. That should work better I think.

IstoryangPagibig says:

Say the set is in your room, I want pure white background. Do over-expose with the ambient light then add the model and the lights?

MrJohngalang17 says:

Heyy. Filipino here. (Same as you). Hehe. I bet it after watching a few of your other videos. Anyway. Pm Sent!

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