Webinar: Powerful Landscape Photography Enhancements with Adobe® Photoshop®

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Sign Up for future Sekonic webinars at: www.sekonic.com In this hour-long, free webinar sponsored by Sekonic and hosted by Joe Brady, learn how to transform a good image into a great one! In a follow-up to the Sekonic Landscape Metering Video Webinar, Joe will take some of the images captured in Jackson Hole and share some of his favorite techniques to enhance and shape digital landscape photography. Invest an hour to learn step-by-step image editing in Photoshop CS5 with powerful techniques you can put to use right away.


dkmaorusamuk says:

Great tutorial! Thanks so much! Please keep the good stuff coming:)

ThePrisoner84 says:

i learned a billion of things. thanks alot master

Odnocer says:

Joe avers he doesn’t have much time to go out and shoot photos full time, because he has other things to do. Sorry Joe, but you must spend full time editing your photos. You can save yourself a lot of time from photo editing by simply adjusting your settings for image finishing tone within your camera before shooting photos (it’ll make your photos look as if you used a photo editor).

truzar100 says:

excellent video, learnt what ive wanted to know for ages, thanks

MrBiggmartin says:

Very good tutorial. Thanks a million.

Hussain zidane says:

Thanks you soo much for your tutorial ,really greatfull

Pinnger says:

in 40:20 you talk about feather but you have used expand option 🙂


I learn lots of things from you. Thank you sooooo much. 🙂 We are waiting for the new videos. 🙂

matbhuvi says:

Thank you very much

dsuda2 says:

love your video but too much tale.

dsuda2 says:

Is this Viveza 2 an add on to photoshop?

dsuda2 says:

thanks. amazing techniques…

1977Simpson says:

Fantastic video. Thankyou for sharing so much great information. I’m definitely going to change my brushes in Photoshop your way from now on!! Thanks again, from the UK.

DonnyOutdoors says:

Great and very helpful, I use a few methods myself but I learnt lots here, many thanks.

jennymiko says:

 Very good tutorial. Please make more this way.

rontz says:

Nothing really new for me but a great compilation of techniques though. (Horrible job on the cloud-reflections on the river with the duck though^^)
btw: why don’t you use the Shadows corrections (Images>Adjustments>Shadows/Highlights)? Would help a lot on the first pic of “Schwabacher Landing” (about 28:15 in the vid) for example, as it doesn’t only lighten dark areas up, but brings a lot of detail that was hidden in the shadows back. 

orkunkaan says:

respect. great job.

thevidfather says:

This is AWESOME! Just subscribed.

msaha1992 says:

No mother…

carlosvenu says:

That’s the best TUTORIAL I’ve seen in my life man!!!!

enn463 says:

Bravoooo, many thanks, I have subscribed.

R0dan says:

Fantastic, very good tutorial.

KriegBoy says:

Thank you for the one, if not the best and most complete Landscape photography editing on youtube.

Tennishead21 says:

Great video sir! 🙂 

lawrenceofaus says:

In exchange for the help you have given me, I will give one to you.
You know the stack technique you use around 14:00? You can do the same thing by pressing Shift + Command/Ctrl + Alt + E

lawrenceofaus says:

Thank you for the brush tip around 12:30. That shit changed my life.

Mark Adams says:

real good stuff. i have subscribed

Ailliouspersona says:

Dude,.. you’re amazing, i’ve learned so much from watching.

RuchNaJa says:

Thaaaaaaaank You!!!!!!!!

bhaar87 says:

Nice…loved the video. i wanted to ask your opinion about Nik Color Efex. I use if for like every landscape photograph. What do you think of it ?

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