YongNuo 560 Strobist Bikini shoot

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Learn it all at a workshop: thatnikonguy.com Budget Kit Challenge – Simple single light strobist glamour portrait using the Yong Nuo 560 flash. Step by step instructions and set up. Please subscribe — Lots more hands on videos with this flash. Gear used on this shoot was: Nikon D5100 Gitzo GK2580 traveller tripod Join our new Flickr forum: www.flickr.com www.facebook.com www.mattgranger.com https


lho2000 says:

great tutorial. But poor girl, being cold when you still had to do your set up

Iulian Dita says:

Thanks for you answer.
So, I’m trying this setup: one 430EX II and 4 YN560. Can they be fired all at once using the Canon 7D built in system? I can fire the 430 single, no problem there, but will it in turn fire the other 560s, set up as optical slaves? And all in the same time?
Thank a bunch.

thatnikonguy says:

absolutely - use them off camera, they arent berand specific

Iulian Dita says:

Hey Matt. Fantastic work you’re doing here, sharing your knowledge and experience with us, photo enthusiasts. Thank you!
I have a small question. I can buy a bunch of these flashes for really cheap, and I was wondering, can I use them for a small home studio? Can I trigger 4 of them at one time wirelessly direclty from my camera? I have a Canon 7D and a friend has a Nikon D7000. Can they be used on both cameras?
OK, so that was 2 questions 🙂
I would really appreciate a quick answer. Thanks.

MrAcornBurrka says:

Thanks meo, they’re selling two transceivers for $30 at amazon so that’s a steal!

meobeo1888 says:

It is good.you need to try this

thatnikonguy says:

sorry buddy never tried them

MrAcornBurrka says:

Matt, have you ever used the Yongnuo RF-603 Flash Triggers? I want to purchase them, but need to hear your opinion first 🙂

thatnikonguy says:

any camera with a standard hot shoe

Jesus Dominguez says:

Hi man, i have a question:
Can i use this flash and pocket wizard with a fujifilm XE-1?
Cheers mate!

thatnikonguy says:

why awkward? Only if what you consider what you are doing is dodgy somehow…

thatnikonguy says:

yeah, it was January but a cold day

brent847 says:

your model is such a trooper it looked chilly in that wind.

brent847 says:

4:3 is in the 8×10 8×12 catagory  more squarish
3:2 I use for 4×6 prints which is very common little narrower
16:9 is about the same width (12) but is much narrower

obviously you can use multiples for size 4:3 16×24 for instance or 20×30

azjmiles says:

do you have a video describing how to get models to work with? I feel awkward asking people to do that, or is approaching people the only way?

thatnikonguy says:


xC4Rbonx says:

I wouldn’t call that flat. Hahaha. Thanks for the tips.

thatnikonguy says:


garddarn says:

Final shot, massive dust spot in the top right corner.  🙁

TheSergpic says:

Hi Matt.
Can I ask what aperture has been used?

thatnikonguy says:


mistergravyman says:

i clicked this because thesexy girl 🙂

thatnikonguy says:

your choice buddy - 3.2 is ‘standard’

Bruce Alvarez says:

Matt I really like your tutorials, really easy to grasp what your doing. Quick question I’m new to Photography and I wanted to know which format is better for taking portrait shots, 3.2 or or 16.9

wasabifoto says:

you’re not just Nikon guy, but clever guy also.

GTTwincam says:

Love your clips Matt, but is it just me or did you say “lower the explosure”?

Utroll says:

Actually the most sexy thing around is still named YongNuo 😀
I mean, the model is pretty, dont get me wrong, but how hot is that ‘cheap’ wonder !!

chrsmllr5 says:

your mic is shit

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