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www.dslrfilmnoob.com When I first saw this monitor last year the price was almost $140. Since the price was not much less then the Lilliput monitor I basically dismissed it. But since the monitor was discontinued this year, the price has dropped to $44, which makes it a much more attractive option for filming. The monitor is still only standard definition, but it does have an audio amplifier and a built in battery. On top of that it has a very handy wide screen mode that allows you to use the whole screen instead of the center section of the screen. On the down side batteries are a bit pricey at $20 a pop, the screen isn’t extremely bright, and the 1/4 20 hole on the bottom of the monitor isn’t quit 1/4 20 ( I had to us a tape to clean out the threads). If you’re interested in this monitor you can pick it up here: www.amazon.com There is also a written review with photos here: www.dslrfilmnoob.com Equipment used in this video: Canon t2i & 7d Canon 35mm f1.4 Canon 50mm f1.2 Sennheiser G2 wireless mic CPM FILM TOOLS RIG

The price of the Haier is still listed as $140 on Amazon so we provided a link to the Digital Prism ATSC-710 7″ TV because it has the same features and even looks like it is made by the same company.


LouisNetworks says:

Hey? how do i show Grid guides on my DSLR camera.

syncron says:

Pronounced Hi-er

Robert McCorkle says:

cool thanks for the info

balkar aulakh says:

it is rechargeable yo

Wes Nyle says:

Good videos… Minus your attempt at humor….

onelonedork says:

You can get a tap at the hardware store.

AGPJL says:

how do I clean the thread … because I can’t mount it .. it won’t fit .. help?

lennartkns says:

prizm what?

SauceyMinsk says:

I tried using a modular A/V coupler from radioshack and it didn’t work. I’m using a t2i and the Digital Prism ATSC 710 portable LCD TV. Help? Should I just plug the canon USB to RCA direct from camera to monitor? Or should I use a female female connection to connect the monitor RCA cable to the Camera RCA cable?

TataBrada80 says:

ok, franimg.. but, how it works with focusing? good enough?

Aloysius Aji Dwi Prasetyo says:

I want to ask, if we use this haier, so we dont to use audio amplifier to listen the sound?I just confuse what the purpose we use audio amplifier?

NickHoellerTV says:

If could really help me out, it’ll be much appreciated. How can I connect this to my T3? Thanks!

cool5tuff says:

hey, if you were to loose the video signal, would the screen have static, or would it just be a blank screen?

Campos2011 says:

I have a D5100 and would also like to know FilmNoob

Matt Vis says:

With magic lantern you can flip it through your camera

Matt Vis says:

Hi there. I actually ended up purchasing one of these because of this video, and the monitor is great for quick previews but the resolution is so low that judging the focus is dang near impossible.

variations3 says:

Hi there and thank you for your video, I have one question, can you use this monitor for judging focusing while filming on a canon legria hf r306? many thanks

Peter Langevin says:

Will this work on a nikon D5100

balkar aulakh says:

rechargeable yo

TwistedPixelVideo says:

My only question is, can the image be flipped upside down on the screen?

newparody says:

Took your advice and purchased a Haier 7″ HLT71 … (thanks!) I’m wondering if you can suggest a cord long enough (for a 12 – 14 foot video crane) to reach my Panasonic HDC-SD60 camcorder??? Your recommended Canon AVC-DC400ST cord on Amazon doesn’t list its size — is there a way to hook several of these cables together on the crane? Thanks so much for your video, and for your time!

VietLilDrewZ says:

How did you connect the DSLR to the portable TV??
I have a T3i.

Ljubinko Divnic says:

Can it be used on Nikon D800 through the mini usb out .

videocampro12 says:

How long is the battery duration on the prizm version and does it also have a 1/4 inch hole

onelonedork says:

Look for the Prizm version. Same monitor, much lower price. 

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