Advertising product photography tutorial: water splash photoshoot

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This is the most enjoyable photo-shot I had for last few month: not only the most technically challenging but the end result is the most eye-catching and outstanding. More detailed spec and description is on the blog:


Joanna Bella says:

Greetings! Have you thought about photo sfxart tricks (google it)? My mate Diana made some mind blowing photography with their video lessons.

1stPlaceDirector says:

I agree, too much mumbling in a hard to understand voice with terrible accent. Who would want someone who sounds like Arnold Schwarzenegger to speak for them in an instructional environment. It’s so painful to listen to. Why don’t you just stick to staying behind the camera, with something that I assume you are good at?

cristi1595 says:

Hello there, do you know “Photo SFXart Tricks” (just google it)? On their website you will find a good free video featuring how to create incredible photos. This made it easier for Matt to make pictures which have a wow-effect any time you look at them. It may work for you also…

WelcyJeremyChua says:

Very useful!! Finally I found a video that could teach me well. Bravo <3

Andreas Villén says:

I could not post a better comment on this video myself. This is a great vell detailed informative video!

joanna74able says:

WOW, super cool. I only have 2 speediights at the moment but will definitely try this, thank you.

Lincoshop says:

Depth of Field and Lens effects!
See the wonderful:w w

Shishirbindo25 says:

Hey there, are you familiar with “MagicSFXphoto” (just do a Google search for it…)? On their website you will find a great free video explaining the right way to shoot outstanding pictures. It made it possible for Daniel to create photos which have that jaw-dropping-effect while you take a look at them. It may work for you as well…

Shahid Mahmood says:

Great Helpful Tutorial…

startphotography says:

Great tutorial. Thanks for sharing!

PhotographybyMilan says:

Waaaaaaa that was so cool mate. Thank you … you have new subcriber now 🙂

Darell McKinsey says:


Simon Burns says:

Thanks Alex this was so cool of you to give away your secrets, thanks for sharing 🙂

Maureenitz says:

Hello, which lens are you using?, I love your work, thanks for sharing!

bobinho95 says:

I appreciate the detail. This is a real tutorial, not just an ad for your services. Thank you!

acmulhern says:

Great video.thanks for sharing your knowledge.

djsDualSound says:

Why can’t I press the LIKE button 2ice xD sadly youtube only allows to press like once 🙁 xD

Jeffjan1968 says:

Brilliant! Love it, thank you for sharing.

An Tran says:

So great ….

jtalada says:

Just amazing?

Joseph Quinn says:

This is great! You said that the camera’s location would require you to use an fstop with a very deep depth of field– “a 16 or an 18, maybe.” Why is this?

kielq08 says:


EpicsodeOne says:

Friggin fantastic! Ur the best!


Just getting into strobe work, thanks. Great job!

Joel Dcosta says:


MrEltel63 says:

Thanks great tutorial :)

arun r says:

great experience thanks keep sharing your knowledge.

studiophotographer1 says:

Amazing how many people critic the video without saying anything positive. Thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge and technique. I appreciate you also taking the time to speak in English.

CosmicLuminosEnergy says:

Hi Alek.

Great video. Can you please tell me why ordinary tank didn’t work and how you made you own?. Thank you comrade!!! Love your work!

absentofficial says:


tothemaxpl says:

Wow, really outstanding results! Thank you very mutch for this tut. 🙂

conrad2001 says:

Thank you so much this was enjoyable and informative. Beautiful results BTW

dhanursood says:

hey wich light fires wen u click d button????

dhanursood says:

hey wich light fires wen u press d button?????

dhanursood says:

hey wich light fires wen u press d button????

ivgafire says:

That’s an absolutely awesome tutorial with the clearest explanation 🙂 Thank you so much :)!
Pity I have to buy more lights, ah-o-oh :). But the result worth it 🙂
Thanks again 🙂

FrostyTheBeerMan says:

Hi Akel, really loved this tutorial, I like that you explain everything, I have lots of time to learn 🙂 Beautiful end product !

edt21 says:

Beautiful, thanks for the explanations!

MiecioMonia says:

Your tutorial are extremly helpfull! Thank You for sharing thats great knowledge.

jazzyboy222 says:

thanks so much!! appreciate your vid and your efforts.

lg123xyz says:

Excellent work!

Malcolm McKay says:

I’m amazed to learn how this sort of effect is achieved. Thank you so much for going to the trouble of making this vid available.

BeccyWall says:

wicked video, really enjoyed it

Abdulla Ahmed says:

Creative!! Keep forward for more Ideas

feedthebear51 says:

Thank you for sharing this with us! Really great photos but they are “little” unnatural for my eyes. I love photoshop but not for hard use.

johneric8 says:

I noticed you said a glass tank doesnt work for you. Could you please tell me something that I can purchase that will work? I just dont have the skills to put together something myself. Thanks so much!

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