Beach Pinups: A Strobist Tutorial

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Another Behind the Scenes Video and Beginners Strobist Tutorial by conceptual photographer and cinematographer, Ben Sant of BTS Photography. This video discusses balancing off camera lighting with the available ambient light on a beach front as the sun goes down. Learn tips and tricks in location lighting as well as see some eye catching images of a retro swimwear pinup theme. See more of my work at


bobbysreign says:


Jasongreen357 says:

Nice tutorial, im enjoying trying these things out. But in order to make money i have to shoot quick portraits and weddings in bad light, What would you suggest to overpower full sun for an environmental portrait, needs to be quick.

jerseyman9080 says:

Amazing tutorial and very helpful thank you for taking time to make very helpful tutorial for us. I have question, I am want wireless trigger for my D800e and SB900, which one I should get, I heard Infrared one has lot of issue esp in hard light. Could you please guide me. Thank you in advance.

Jimmy Mills says:


kay188 says:

You do want to get cheap devices. It does not limit signal quality. Actually, open outdoor space is the best for signals to travel because there is no object that will obstruct the 2.4GHZ signal from the RF-602. Please do your homework before talking negatively about cheaper alternatives.

Boris Shabovta says:

Great quality final results! Do you do your own PP or hire re-toucher?
I was wondering how did you go about “focusing” having subject in the dark while shooting?

Boris Shabovta says:

U don’t want to get very cheep devices as it limits signal quality. in case this tutorial is made in open outdoor space, cheep devices might not work very good.

Adriano Arruguetti says:

Oh my f… god, that was just amazing!

elmar049 says:

Best Tutorial!!!

DynamicVisuals says:

I am just beginning to shoot strobist photography and have a question regarding using optical slaves to make it possible to increase your shutter speed. When would you want to increase shutter? When trying to bring out the bright colors in the sky at sunset?

Also, Im confused about when to use flash exposure compensation when shooting a model outdoors.

Any advise would be very much appreciated!!

Thanks in advance.

Rizwan khan says:

Hello, do you know “Photo SFXart Tricks” (just search on Google for it …)? On their website you can watch a nice free video explaining the best way to make incredible photos. This made it easier for Joe to create photos which have a jaw-dropping-effect any time you look at them. I hope it helps you as well…

Jordan Young says:

Great tutorial dude, Made me really want to do a pin-up shoot!

jjdphotography says:

Great tutorial!

Schnorschel says:

That music is really redundant and annoying.

Casper Dawson says:

Awesome video. Is there any way you could lower the music volume down a little more in your upcoming videos? Want what you have to say be the main focus…just a thought. Thank you. Learn a lot from your videos.

playray91 says:

Why would u want a shallow depth of field at 1.8 F when u have nice scenery like this.

jaytube227 says:

1:04 mission impossible

bwilliamblock says:

Good tutorial, great results!

cancareless92 says:

What if you want to keep a shallow depth of field like using f/1.8?

bigbs4 says:

When using any modifier, you are going to loose some quantity of light as it has to pass though, reflect, or bend through a surface. In regards to using a Reflective Umbrella, you will loose somewhere around a 1/2 to a Full Stop of light depending on the type of the umbrella’s interior surface of whether it’s silver or white. Also the distance from the light source to the modifier makes a difference in Light Quantity and Quality. If I need more light, I’ll choke up on the umbrella shaft.

Rafael Murad says:

Hey bigbs4
I have the smal octodome from Photoflex and also the same umbrella you’re using in this video and my question is… do I lose any light using the umbrella that actually reflexes my flash light, because I do not usually use my umbrella so that is what I was wondering…

my best regards,

arron speiser says:

thanks big ben!

Денис Павлов says:

Да, была бы вспышка помощней, небо лучше было.

shanetralee says:

Hey what type of stand is that

shakeebahmed100 says:

Hi, have you tried “PhotoSFXart” (just google it)? There you will find a useful free video explaining how to take outstanding pictures. It made it easier for Matt to take photos that have a wow-effect when you look at them. Perhaps it will help you out too…

amazinggadgets says:

What caught my attention was the bikini.. Jkjk. Nice tutorial bte

NikolaiS1970 says:

Красивое закатное небо превратил в чёрти знает что..

MrSamHell says:

Great vid! Thank you!

TheHungnguyen says:

I have to say you had a beautiful model to photograph my friend. next time out pay more attention to what might grow out your model head like it does at 3:03 lol

skggila says:

how did you trigger the off-camera flash?


what is the light kit that you are using for this ?

callmeleelee says:

dude your videos roc but your sound is to low !!! please please when you make you next video turn up the sound… thanks for the awesome videos

Anthonyperez3 says:

What Camera Were You Using and with lens, These Shot Came Out Great!

Lincoshop says:

Depth of Field and Lens effects.
look :w w

bigbs4 says:

For Speedlights, I use the Lee Sample pack which you can usually get for free or $1.00 USD. It’s basically a swatch of samples with all the colors of gels in their catalog.
As flash color is around or close to 5600K, I usually start with a 1/2 CTO or a 1/2 and 1/4 combined. Shoot a few frames and compare the color temp of the light as it will change as the sun sinks in to the horizon

jun ling says:

CONTEST GIVE AWAY ! Green Screen Contest ( Open / World wide July 12, 2012)
w w­eature=mhee

Xochitl Garcia says:

I wanted to ask you a question, ok, so i want a Nikon L810, i had some photography classes my freshman year of highschool, im going to be a junior this year:), i was wondering if a Nikon L810 is a good camera to start off with ?(:

if u can email me at :

stanrose2 says:

what CTO gel brand do you suggest for the golden hour setup ? Also what orange film of the 3 levels have you used.

chickabuka says:

The photos came out great!!! very cool indeed

mbnmac1 says:

Great BTS Ben, thanks. I have to work a little more on my lighting skills I think!

Sadly, the issue with photography here in NZ is that due to the lack of competition and consumers, we have little choice BUT the expensive stuff. I have no qualms with that, as I’m happy to spend the cash for quality gear, but I very rarely get the chance to use anything before possibly dropping a couple grand on it, only to find I don’t like it etc.

campag13 says:

CTO stands for colour temperature orange.

bobbyhosweden says:

Great vid!
What other camera setting are you using for these shots?
Thanks again..

CanecaProductions says:

How do I expose for the ambient light?

Macrophotographerx says:

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Photo314159 says:

Nice job!

kay188 says:

Go to ebay. Buy Yongnuo RF-602 Triggers/Receivers. They’re even cheaper than Cybersyncs. A lot of people use them on a budget, and they pose no problems at all.

Nicshooter says:

hey ben, do you use an ND filter on your lens when you do strobist?

froschi says:

pinche gordo, que buenas fotos!! thumbs up

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