Canon EOS – Chris Bray Creative Tutorial: Low Light Photography Part 1

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Learn how to capture stars, night time cityscapes and lightning shots in natural low lighting, as well as how to draw with light with EOS Professional Photographer, and adventurer, Chris Bray. Join in, find the inspiration for your photography and share at

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Mokabbir Sarkar says:

Is there any shutter release cable for EOS Rebel T3i? Nice video tutorial.

Catalin Mihai says:

30 seconds = 30″ so yeah… xD long…

ooLEVEVANIoo says:

yeees i love light drawing too every night i’m setting my camera up and start drawing randrom stuff and tonight i will try to capture stars ot lighting thanks alot

p white says:

Hey ive never done  it

CanonAustralia says:

30 seconds shutter speed is considered a long shutter speed. Can you please elaborate? Many thanks, the Canon team.

PNassif136 says:

What do you mean 30 seconds shutter speed? Is it higher or lower?

CanonAustralia says:

Hey there, the cable is called a shutter release cable. The TC-80N3 is a good example of a shutter release cable with an in-built intervalometer. It automates the shutter release for you. Hope that helps. Cheers, the Canon team.

bibhor96 says:

Hey! I would like to know what kind of cable do I need to use for the star trials?

Theincrediblespud says:

Would you mind explaining to me how the camera pick up the light and movements from the sparklers on that last photo without picking up the movements of the people in the shot. I can’t get my head around it. Also could you tell me the settings that would work best for that sort of shot.
Thank you so much!

Gunston Gun says:

Hmm I am still learning with my new 600D

rheaesmenia1 says:

ur cute.. :DD

MyTube4Utoo says:

Great tips for a new Canon 60D owner – ME!!

gasdive says:

Bulb mode requires that you either hold the shutter release down (for multi hours???) or purchase a remote release. It could easily be incorporated into the firmware but you don’t. I don’t understand why. I also don’t understand why you don’t include an intervalometer. Cheap P&S cameras have it, why not my 500d? It just seems very strange that you have posted this video that shows up how limited the firmware is.

CanonAustralia says:

Hi there, the multi hour shots you are referring to can be achieved in “Bulb” mode. Many thanks, the Canon team.

AliCatt777 says:

His voice is awesome! XD

gasdive says:

It seems odd that Canon, you’d point us to this video which mentions again and again the limits imposed by the firmware. Wouldn’t it be nice if the firmware supported multi hour shots rather than being limited to 30 seconds? Why not have an intervalometer so you can take lightening photos, just set the camera up and have it take as many 5 second shots as needed without having to stand out where you may be struck by lightening?

Jinesh Jain says:

You are amazing…I just love your tutorials 🙂

CanonAustralia says:

Try watching our Speedlites vs Built in Flash video for ideas on how to expose back-lit shots correctly:

sanket291992 says:

..thanks for the tip….
One more question i would like to ask..When shooting with the sun in background..sometimes by sky appears to be overexposed…i am shooting with my canon i can fix this problem

CanonAustralia says:

Experiment with the best focusing point. Your focus should be locked before you press the shutter. All the best! The Canon team.

sanket291992 says:

i would like to know..where to keep our focusing point while taking a Landscape photo in low light situations and with a long shutter speed (say about 5 secs or maybe more than that)

Emmanuel Bobbie says:

one Nikon user dislike :)

CanonAustralia says:

That’s great, Chris. Nice to meet you. Cheers, the Canon team.

Chris Bray says:

my name is chris bray too!!! that is weird!! i also like doing photography too

rob ord says:

he might mean pointing to the wall. he didn’t say to the sensor.

Dave McHale says:

thanks youve helped me out

skewnook says:

he looks like robert pattinson

skewnook says:

he looks like robert pattinson

ClankyRochet says:

Go to Canon website and compare 1ds iii and 5d ii. You will be shock. 

ClankyRochet says:

You want to be in Karl Taylor.

angelo mark says:

^^, I must admit I also learned alot in photography from Karl and his site,. 😀

haggiskiwi says:

I’m glad Chris is Australian; it made when he was talking the Southern Cross more relevant to NZers too.
Northern Hemisphere photographers have it too easy when taking the whirlpool star shots. If you can’t find Polaris on a clear night, you should have stayed in bed.

TheSwp25 says:

who is here because of 1Ds mark iv?

angelo mark says:

I wanna be YOU, in terms of your photography skills, XD

25sounds says:

I was under the impression that pointing a laser pointer at your camera’s sensor would ruin it…? Better double check that one!

76ers says:

Thanks for the great tips

jrhineberger says:

gtrat vid u are an insperation to me and iv always wanted to go to Australia. thx

DrMario187 says:

Great vid.

nate42nd says:

Funny to hear him say point due south for the polar star when some of us live in the US where it’s due north. Good vid.

stogma says:

Generally yes a cable release is necessary. Also need to put your camera on bulb mode which you will find in the manual setting. The cable release doesn’t cost that much and it is so useful.

jrhineberger says:

how do you make the camera take 30min photos i dont have a remote does it have to have a remote

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