DSLR Tutorial: Creative Night Photography – Long Time Exposure

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Facebook: facebook.com More DSLR Tutorials only here: youtube.com In this “how to” video we show you a thing you can do with most cameras: Time exposure / long exposure. We toom some pictures at night and got some great results, which we also show in the tutorial. We also talk about settings and techiques of this creative kind of night photography. The best things is that you don’t need the best camera or lens to get some stunning images! Most photographs taken with the Nikon D90 + AF-S Nikkor 18-55mm F/3.5-5.6 G lens. Voice Over: Moritz Janisch Copyright 2011 by Fenchel & Janisch Filmproduktion GbR Twitter: twitter.com More DSLR videos on our channel: www.youtube.com Official website: www.fenchel-janisch.com


1tusen2tusen3 says:

I like the voice.. sounds like a 1980 computer voice =P 

Peter Webster says:

im addicted to your voice

Alex Goncalves says:

I like this tutorial because it gets to the point and covers the basics in a very polite manner while explaining even the simplest things.  Notmally youtube tutorial is some guy standing next to a camera talking BS and then ending the tutorial without even getting to the point.

Anggie Harygustia says:

If there’s any Oscar Award for the best tutorial in YouTube, I will choose and I will VOTE for you!

Hin Li says:

yea very beautiful pictures

mooserider2 says:

Nice backwards camera shot at the end. XD

jmsm1930 says:

Cool tutorial!

Nomak020186 says:

U can get incredible SHHOTS

NoahCinema says:

Hands down the best tutorials on YouTube. Could you tell me what camera slider you are using in some of the shots?

Subverttech4 says:

amazing advice and even more amazing ideas. 😀

SrLupiro says:

The specification of tripod please! or link to ebay!! Thanks!!

Aaditya Kalia says:

Yeah.. .man u r osm.. :-)

FantastickDark2 says:


startphotography says:

Photography is all about lighting. Nicely done.

speedohio says:

Great video , please tell us all , what filter (if any) did you use on these night photos in the city , again great job explaining how to capture these photos

cineguela says:

Very informative!

ScottyTheBullet says:

Also make use of the timer to prevent movement when pushing your shoot button. Thanks so much for these videos, they are great and informative.

jahmaul allen says:

i still want my sony A55

Jonathan Wu says:

Long exposure are just bloody fun, & amazing. When you shooting something that will be for like 30 seconds, you have no idea how it will look exactly. Just have wait there for 30 seconds, and you will see something just amazing, or totally mess up ~_^ . I personally think it’s one of the best thing in photography, in not the best.

Yarik1001 says:

Welcome to “Aperture Science” SLR training camp… XD

Awesome tutorials, guys! =)

jacquesone100 says:

Nice tutorial guys!

overether says:

that’s retardculous! love it.

burubura says:

yeah same happens with my cam too..

Mr860Guy says:

The last shot = backwards walking. XD

xkirtwoodx says:

Try a quicker shutter speed: The longer the shutter speed, the more the light is taken in for the photo. Or use a larger F-stop and keep it at 10 seconds

xkirtwoodx says:

It depends on the lighting, if you are shooting in city or urban areas with lighting, then use a fluorescent WB (or ~4000k), if not, then you really have to experiment with the colors you want to show in your photos. If you want warmer photos (more warm colors such as orange, red, yellow, etc.) use a higher K (presets such as “Cloudy” or “Shade”) and if you want cooler photos use a lower K (presets such as “Tungsten”). Even trying Auto WB would be a good idea if you can’t decide what you want (:

krimzonstudios says:

Great video!
One thing I have found (could be totally wrong) is that turning off image stabilization creates a sharper image. Could be just my lens or cheaper IS lenses, but if you’re having problems try that.

Coz Green says:

These are the best DSLR tutorials available anywhere on the planet. Thank you very much for providing such amazing knowledge and expertise!

JoTechXP says:

Ich hab mir vor einen Monat die Canon 600D gekauft und freu mich immer mehr über die Kamera um so mehr ich mit der Kamera umgehen kann , und dabei helfen mir eure Tutorials sehr , danke 🙂

chachhi2011 says:

You are really awesome, you make very good tutorial videos, and they are very encouraging sir. I just bought a Canon 60D. Good job please keep making more tutorials.Thank You.

overether says:

Please help, friend. When I take a photograph with even less the 10 second shutter speed, it seems like the sensor is drowned and I get overly bright pics…

DU35TEP says:

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! I love your videos. Keep doing what you are doing!

rugbyfowler says:

So cool… and I love your attitude”Don’t sit down at home and worry not having best DSLR, Just go out shooting…”

bymacorg3 says:

this camera beast!! i use most for time-lapse photography. i just need to trigger it with this little remote: TEMPUS. works with ALL major brand of cameras. website at: tempus.bymac.org


Your videos are one of the best videos tutorials in you tube thanks alot… im taking my notes….:)

Aleš Alexio says:

Yes! Please more exactly such tutorials. Thank you very much!

PaperNinjax says:

great video as always!

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