Film Riot – DSLR Review, Milk Chugging & Sword Fighting

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Pentax and Nikon reviews, followed by Milk chugging, bullet deflection and safe sword battles.


tbeiter28 says:

when I clicked on this vid, youtube changed its layout!

TheJoysFamily says:

How about the ‘Use a Video Camera in the Toilet’ one? Ryan drinks seven redbulls and goes mad!! 😀

thebuzzboy1 says:

that scared the shit out of me im lactose intolerint

jakobtelevision says:

Please make the “email-song” available for download! Haha!


I’m never having milk agen

TheJoysFamily says:

03|:39 lol!

TheJesusOfSuburbiaa says:

3 people vomited on their computer screens XD

AgentTurnip says:

Ayo, Ryan. Could you do a video on REALLY cheap camcorders, like sub-400 dollar camcorders?
Ima holla at chu.
Don’t know what that meant,
Dani R.

jmic0923 says:

Did you use a cheaper mic for this one? I noticed the audio seems lower quality.

VisualWarfareBros says:

In my opinion the ford feista commercial they made was my favorite :D

Calum Matheson says:

I literally pissed myself laughing XD !!!!

chinsoman lozo says:

this and ford fiesta

BlackInkFilms says:

I cant even look at a gallon of milk without getting the urge to throw up, thanks Ryan. -__-

bnskproductions says:

i dnt think that i can drink milk evar again

DennyDigital says:

lmaoooooooooooo that was extremely funny!

excelisinsane says:

I think that’s the first time I’ve laughed at someone throwing up…

Moonbreakproductions says:

i lol ya

Jackson9797 says:

Ryan, you laugh like a girl!

Tom Snyder says:

google it yourself

Ruben Pecina says:

look it up on

TheSilv3rhawk says:

how much cost the canon 7d please respond =)

theguywhohatesmemes says:

How ’bout the sponsor? E = MC LASEEEER!!!! AAAHH! AAAHH! AAHH! AAHH! AAAAHH! sponsor…

Guitarbuddy449 says:

As i was watching you guys throw up, I thought to myself, “these are the guys I look up to on youtube” and then I LOLED

Patrick Eli says:

But not ANY funnier than Nigahiga

dimmddr1 says:

RWJ isn’t funny and Smosh isn’t much better.

dimmddr1 says:

Bad milk?

TheiTechHotspot says:

I feel so bad for poor Ry.

beastlysk81585 says:

this was funnier then them both combined

ModernWorld2x says:

For somereason I felt hungry after watching this…

Zjrproductions48 says:

I can handle loading
I can haddle adds
I can not haddle adds that load!!!!

VisualWarfareBros says:

and i quote “aaaahh it hurts so good” lol i love film riot hope it doesn’t end

WWEMayhem says:

10:20 this is really sick but so funny!

ArduinoMan101 says:

i dont like milk but any time i see someone drinking milk im going to run to a trash can

seanthepianokid says:

ewwwwwww! They didn’t stop barfing. who knew milk was so, almost, poisoning?

ravenholm4 says:


Lucius X says:


Nick Fletcher says:

don’t think I’ve never enjoyed milk this much in my life!

Mattfication says:

i almost puke with them xD

masterCameron1001 says:

lol milk dispensers!

buddy7144 says:

so funny

TheSunHeaven says:

check my channel for a review on a dslr for those searching for the best dslr camera to get! 😀

stunningFX says:

omg he blocked it with his friggin hand mother father !

gln2d3 says:

I felt so sick watching the video but I laughed so hard!!

Bigloaf95 says:

The jackass guys can go home…this heavy shit.

JustinWomackMusic says:

No…if you’ll notice, this video is nearly a year older than theirs…

Annyon Yang says:

Woah I just posted the same exact thing! Except your comment is 9 months older than mine hahaha. xD

Annyon Yang says:

RYAN! You don’t have to have your finger on the AE lock constantly for the Nikon D5000. I use that camera for film-making (cause I have no other option for now) and there’s a way in the MENU to fix it so you can just click on it and it’ll lock it without constantly holding it down. 😀

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