HDR Tutorial Part 1/2

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A quick tutorial on how to create fun looking High Dynamic Range (HDR) Images. Part 1 of 2. Comments or questions gladly accepted!


3deefilm says:

HDR — The best way to shoot high-quality HDR photography and video with DSLR cameras is the 3D-BS MINI (beam-splitter) Rig. To find out more visit our site – 3D Film Factory (dot) com

Joe Pacheo says:

how about using jgp files to create HDR

SchulZzz007 says:

haha eko fresh XD

devonmale69 says:

but you can see RAW files in windows explorer and also if you have Photoshop then you would be using bridge

devonmale69 says:

why take time and space taking a JPG as well there is NO NEED for it….
And you can do it from one RAW file you can make more then one out put tiff from the file.
also the older CS2 will not open new RAW files as the ACR is not for that version

krakadyll says:

@munkianis and @dreamisover4081 <--- I did tried adjusting one shot to 6 different exposures using canon and photoshop softwares.... photoshop gave me a message stating "not sufficient to create a HDR images" but I used photomatrix for a shone hdr...

Kalel annuar says:

u should open up a class.. great tutorial 5*

Malajim Rábago says:

Fantastic José !!! you are very good in teaching. Do you have any tutorial using Photomatix??  thx again, since I wantched ur video I have being doing only HDR shots!! ;oP

sulejman1812 says:

nice tut. very helpful

dreamisover4081 says:

hey, quick question. Can you just have one photo and make 9 or so photos in different exposures using photoshop, then make the hdr image?

wijayane says:

Great VDO! Very clear and good to follow.

lmacfa0 says:

Seriously one of THE clearest videos. Great instruction. Thank you.

aeiz says:

Great vid bro!

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