How To Create Multi-Colored Glowing Lines Photoshop Tutorial w/ updated links

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A lot of people out there have similar tutorials to this one however, lets say you don’t want just the average boring color scheme. In this tutorial I show you how to create the glowing lines effect but also show you how to variate the colors at the same time. Please remember to rate! Link to image: other link to images of the same girl in color visit


Elva Canaj says:

thnx u

Vibhu Narayan says:

“and you see in between your pen layer and brush’s layer.. click it and you’ll see a thumbnail pop up”

Elva Canaj says:

vibhu plz can u help us at 3:15 minute? what he says?

Elva Canaj says:

I dont understand the comand :Hold down O key? plz help

kevin van huynh says:


NaeemCrouchy says:

Nothings happening when I click on stroke please?

GrayGhost0717 says:

i do not get the thumbnail on the llairs please help ;(((

Vibhu Narayan says:

5:01 me gusta

Vibhu Narayan says:

your choice of taking sample images is really nice 😉

ibecool22 says:

Thank you very much!!!!!!!!! I love you!!! Thank you so much!!!! Thats i need !!!! Thanks

syncreticJasmeen says:

Nice tute, thanks.

Faisal Albusaidi says:

Nice tutorial buddy, very useful, thank you

TheLegendaryZoro says:

the pirate bay

JRVDL says:

I’d suggest adding a Gaussian blur to to maximize the glow effect, just my opinion though

rand0msan1ty says:

Yeah, great tutorial.. !! That ALT click layer tip is awesome… thanks for that ! 🙂

YasminlamaGaming says:

absolutly amazing, thank you very much!

DTobyFilms says:

break the law dude! easy! illegal!

Goikuchan says:

Omg, why didn’t I know the little Alt thing? XD Thanks a bunch!

sandul chan says:

download from torrent dude! easy!

0rg4niz3dC4t4str0phy says:

just download the free trial on the photoshop website. it isn’t cheap….you could download it bootleg i guess? but that’s not very legal…safe.

gratefuldeb says:

awesome…. nice touch of color…

Jake Whitelaw says:

Does anyone know where I can buy photoshop from for cheap? I am a college student with not a lot of money ): Thanks and great tutorial!

jamie law says:

great tutorial dude that will raise my grade loads 😀

kch33ful says:

<3 it ...thanks ......

lisamarie24 says:

great video your video is the only video where ive learned to create beams with the pen tool thankyou i am really excited 🙂

Avinash Kumar says:


Brandon Madden says:

i sucks so bad

Aron Hailey says:

the sad moment when you zoomed back out =P haha, great video, a lot of help =D

GlobalSM says:

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rigoberto castillo amaro says:

ponlo en español

HFC123HFC says:

Soooo helpful, thanks!

austin Kessler says:

when i right click and stroke path it doesnt do anything, i can stroke the path from the menu on the lower right hand side when i select my path, but i cant make it thicker.. HELP

ThePixelGangster says:

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soiconhoangda says:

Easy to follow, clear instruction step by step. I luv it. Thanks :).

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