How to photograph the night sky (stars & moon)

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There’s a lot less daylight during the winter months, so there’s plenty of time to shoot at night. We’ll give you a few pointers on shooting the stars and the moon in this video. Share your photos with us on Facebook:


knoxvilleguy2 says:

I’ve caught a half – Moon, 3 / 4ths Moon, Full moon, & a barely visible Venus & possibly Jupiter using a Nikon Coolpix L26 & Nikon S3300 with no tripod.

Rightoldhack says:

Tens of thousands of dollars? You can get an 800mm mirror lens of reasonable quality for about $200. Nice for the moon.

pooh1234567890 says:

10’s of thousands? You can get a medium format digital camera for that, and a decent lens!!!!

louisecyper says:

Hi hawaii!!! It’s 01:50am in bali time 🙂 thanx for reading ppl. Have fun checking out the stars guys, the end is near! 😀

Brancovtn65 says:

There are 5 stars in the sky right now at 3:12am in Hawaii that form in a cross. With the bottom star off to the left a little bit… kinda like the shape of Jesus Christ’s body on the cross, with his feet bent a bit… sorry for the image. It’s in the Taurus constellation though, and it’s right above the Orion nebula. Anyone and everyone should check it out… it’s very humbling.

Randomstlhero says:

Try using your lens in infinity mode for stars. You may have a marker or just turn your lens until everything is in focus (remember to turn to manual first).

qsef111 says:

Hi!Can i do this with a Fuji Finepix HS-30 EXR?And can you give me some advices about this camera?:)Sorry for my bad english.

jackisdacrac says:

or use 2x extender on 100 - 400mm, its not cheap but this will cost you around about £1400 !

Ian Powell says:


townbiscuit says:

there’s no need for such a long exposure. a few minutes is more than enough. set your lens focus to infinity and you should be fine.

pauldve says:

Set focus to infinity. switch to manual focus and turn focus ring to furthest point or the ∞ Infinity symbol. check image if its a little out of focus turn focus a couple degrees in and try again.

Wilhelm Leijonhufvud says:

How do you focus on the stars!?

democanoneos says:

nikel merci a vous !!!

jaytube227 says:

thanks for the info! 🙂 

jalebaa says:


farmpup99 says:

try using a battery grip if you arent already

artberry says:

What I’m trying to say is the best way to do reasonably high quality astronomical photography on a limited budget would be to use an entry level DSLR and 55-250mm Kit lens. Of course you can also buy adapters for telescopes or even use old Pentax M42 screw thread telephoto lenses, which can often be picked up quite cheap at car boot sales. So entry level DSLRs can provide a lot of options which don’t necessarily cost the Earth. 🙂

artberry says:

It’s worth bearing in mind the more expensive telephoto lenses are generally intended for full-frame DSLRS. Because the sensors in entry level DSLRS are not full-frame. A 55- 250mm kit lens is actually roughy equivelent to 80-400mm. But coupled with the fact the sensors are still roughy 20x bigger in area than those used in compacts and Bridge cameras and provide much better quality particuarly with higher ISOs. You can crop DSLR images and still get better results than a super zoom.

artberry says:

Yes I realise that, but one is certainly not going to get $13K image quality on a super zoom bridge camera. 🙂 But one could get a lot closer with an entry level DSLR even with a humble 55-250mm kit lens.

relentlesspursuit1 says:

I think he was talking about DSLR lenses above 400 mm, I saw a canon telephoto lens for over $13,000.

chrisvillan88 says:

I tried to do this but I was just getting coloured spots on my picture, so looks like a no go for me.

bioadmin says:

awesome work congratulations i liked this on too came here from v=RoXsJ-VlOSA thank you for your work!!!

Compendium34 says:

People always think I’m racist when I say I’m going to buy some stuff from Blacks…

Tomta20012 says:

whats the best CCTV camera i can stick on the roof and watch the stars with?????????

OfficialUncTube says:


kmedina419 says:

that will happen everytime, nothing you can do about it

artberry says:

Well actually there’s no real advantages in shooting on compact or bridge cameras because although they may have more powerful zooms, the sensors are very small. Whereas the quality even an entry level DSLR can deliver with e.g. with a 55-250mm Kit lens is so much better you can crop images quite substantially increasing the zoom level to 24x, 30x or more and still get better quality than a Superzoom can deliver. Entry level DSLRs and kit lenses don’t cost 10s of thousands.

virtuosoikingpin says:

I LOVE the way your videos are made. So to the point, and helpful. Just subscribed.

propulsar says:

What a good instructive video. So many videos take more than ten minutes to explain less than this does in three.

BitesCGI says:

haha, ok

BirdOfParadise777 says:

LOL! It was kind of a redundant question. That’s why I worded it the way I did:D

BitesCGI says:

and you think he’s going to reply to this one?

BirdOfParadise777 says:

I subbed. I am wondering why you don’t respond to comments or questions? tnx

jacobgellinger says:

I find using a higher ISO (400 or above) for night shots can result in noisy pictures.

hankfoto says:

Very good presentation. Breif and to the point.

needoo77 says:


Mitchell Moss says:

set your lens to the infinity sign if you have one. For the battery thing, they sell AC wall adapter for very cheap for many DSLRs

Mark Turner says:

Great tutorial. I have photographed the moon and I was really surprised with how high I had to set the shutter speed so the moon wasn’t blown out.
I have Sigmas ‘Bigma’ 50-500 attached to Canons eos 500 which is a great combo but I also have a Fuji HS10 which I am dying to use and see how good that zoom is for night shots, though it has quit a small sensor I’m worried about noise on a long exposures for the ‘Star’ shots. Keep up the great work BP.

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