How to use BULB mode with cable shutter release for long exposure night photography

or copy the link (Budget Equipment) In this tutorial you will learn how to use the BULB mode for long exposure night photography


PhotographersOnUTube says:

Let me save you some money bro. Go to my website. Click on Budget Equipment tab and go through some of the Nikon cable releases listed on my website.

TheMm77mmdd says:

does the cable release work on Nikon d3100 ?

ThatFirstBaseMan says:

Do you use AF-S all the time? Please let me know if it’s good for all purpose photography like sports, long exposure, and pictures of people. Or should I use manual focus?

Ronald Edmund Cirilo says:

Hi sir, great video, I am planning to buy a cable release for my camera, but before that I would like to know if a wireless remote works on Bulb Mode?

lilyntom says:

hi, when you are using the cable for the 2 seconds exposure, is the camera on bulb mode and auto for 2 seconds or its just on bulb mode and i control and count 2 seconds on pressing the cable ?

thank you for all your replies!! really appreciate it.

PhotographersOnUTube says:

I won’t say it’s 100% wrong but there is 10% truth to it. Watch my latest video on Star Tails. The shutter was open for 45 minutes for a number of shots and my friend’s Canon T3i was perfectly fine. I too have done many many long exposure shots with no problem. Sure, the sensor over heats but not to a point where it damages. Remember, the batter drains fast so the camera will shot down before it damages anything.

gantonski says:

QUESTION! I read on a yahoo answer that leaving the shutter open for a significant amount of time causes the camera to generate a lot of heat and could potentially damage the sensor; is this true? I am curious because i very much so want to photograph perseid meteor shower but dont want to damage my camera (T2i) Thanks!

Ace21Magic says:

Hi, I just go a phottix n10 remote shutter release remote and it isn’t working! I have a Nikon d3100 and it is really annoying! Do I have to change anything on the camera to make it work?

Chris Ong says:

Wait how do you know when you have to do lets say a 6 second exposure or when you have to do a 10 minute exposure? Is there an equation or something?

Baz Russell says:

thanks! alot of help

The1970sInfatuate says:

I know all about aperture. As I mentioned I have no DSLR cameras, just shoot with film cameras. My old Yashica-Mat twin lens reflex has f3.5, f4, f5.6, f8, f11, f16, and f22. With twin lens reflex cameras, you can just use auxilary lenses either for wide angle or telephoto, but the standard lenses on it are 80mm.

MrEagle912 says:

Nikon d7000 is the best DSLR in mid-range/semi-pro rank and Minolta XG9 is a awesome old camera, aperture is determined by the lenses and there should be a writing on the lens about its aperture but u don’t need that high aperture to make everything in focus f-11 f-16 can make everything in focus

The1970sInfatuate says:

I just use film cameras and I don’t own a DSLR. My brother has a Nikon D7000, but I’ve been using a Yashica-Mat twin lens reflex camera, and my 35mm film camera is a Minolta XG9. I have lots of accessories with the XG9 such as three planar lenses, a lot of filters and other stuff. I believe all the lenses I have (including my TLR camera) have the smallest aperture at f22.

MrEagle912 says:

with a small aperture (big f numbers) everything will be in focus so yes, but u have to be careful cuz small aperture above and around 30 will usually give u soft photos so around f-16 or f22 would be good and also experiment try different speeds 15 then 20 then 30 sec and try not to use a big ISO cuz i will make photos noisy

The1970sInfatuate says:

Thanks. Is that if you shoot at f22 to have everything in focus? Use 15-30 sec for f22 would you say?

MrEagle912 says:

15-30 sec should be fine for taking a good photo with a cool long expousure effect without overexposing it but it also depends on you’re ISO and aperture and when shooting 30 min to a whole hour or more u should always be away from any city or any bigger light source and youre ISO should be minimum cuz long exposure makes photos a little bit noise and if u combine it with a high ISO it would be horrible

MrEagle912 says:

depends what are u shooting
if u are shooting stars witout any strong light around u like a town or some street lamps etc… u can shoot up to an hour no problem but if it is a night photo in an urban area where there is a lot of light then u shoul experiment a bit by youre self but 15-30 sec at night while trying to shoot light trails from cars sohuldnt overexpose the image
Stars and star trails up to 2-3 hours no-problem
Urban enveirment-light trails from cars and lamps 15-30 sec

Seiketsuuu says:

Can I use the ML-L3 remote for Nikon to shoot in bulb mode as well? (I don’t have the cable shutter release) Thank you!

PhotographersOnUTube says:

You can but you can go up to 30 seconds only. In bulb mode you can do minutes and even an hour.

Juan S says:

Hi there, Can I use the timer for long exposure?

Mahmoud Eledrissi says:

is it same for canon 500d i should have the cable remote or wireless will do ?

The1970sInfatuate says:

How do you know how long to hold the shutter in bulb mode for night photography without overexposing film?

eimaiomixalis says:

it helps, indeed!!

The85thkid says:

Check that you have switched it to remote/cable control.

Vikesh Tailor says:

I have an 90’s Nikkon AF F-601 – but not sure what cable release is suitable for it… could you maybe help me find one so i can snap pictures at night ?


itsArjie says:

I got this for a D90. I connected it and it won’t work. What do I need to do?

cybercab says:

Excellent! just what I needed

galaxiedance says:

Mirror Lock Up….. that’s gonna be good enough for pretty much everything when you’re saying 1/100 s……… simple as that folks.

PhotographersOnUTube says:

If you’re talking about a family shot where you want to be in the photo and no one is there to take the picture, then you could do self timer or use a remote release. On a wide angle the camera shake is not going to be too pronounced so yeah, you can do that.

U83RH4X0R808 says:

you must have mis understood, I’m talking about the shutter self timer, like when people put cameras on tables and let the camera take the shot when there’s no one else to take the photo

PhotographersOnUTube says:

No, you can’t. The second you press the button, it introduces camera shake. You can’t see it through naked eye but it’s there and effects the sharpness. Also, timer is only for 30 seconds max. Bulb is for as long as you want. 5, 10, 20, 30 minute exposure.

U83RH4X0R808 says:

@PhotographersOnUTube couldn’t you use the self timer feature if you simply wanted to eliminate camera shake?

darrendewitt says:

after bulb mode it says x 250 what is that all about??

PhotographersOnUTube says:

BULB setting. If you want to lock it for 3 minutes, 5 minutes. I’m going to try 20 minutes next so I can capture the movement of the stars. For that you have to have cable release. Besides, cable release doesn’t require any battery. So, no battery for life.

vinnyvette says:

What can cable release do that a remote can’t?

PhotographersOnUTube says:

Thank you! I will do a tutorial on wireless flashes eventually. We’re going to start with 1 flash set up and expand to 2, 3, 4 and even 5 flash set up eventually. If I do those right now…. it would scare all the beginners. There is a wireless shutter release which I don’t recommend as it doesn’t have the lock option. A link of this cable release is in the description but you can also search the wireless one that cost less.. but it gives you less as well as you can’t do bulb mode

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