Introduction to Strobist Photography: Part 1

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Learn it all at a workshop: Part 1 of a series to teach you everything you need to know to master strobist photography techniques. That Nikon Guy (Matt Granger) introduces the key concepts you need and runs through a simple demonstration. Assumed knowledge: Manual exposure intro: Example strobist images: https


jcayer2 says:

Subscribed 😉

jcayer2 says:

Thank you !!! Very interesting and well done !!!

mrbakerstreet221b says:

thanks matt, love watching all your videos, you’re a big help!!

Marco665 says:

How did You manage to get such sharp picture at iso800? I got a D200 couple days ago, compared to film at iso800 it looks like a phone camera.

thatnikonguy says:

yes indeed – surely speeds up the learning process

ThisIzTheEdge says:

So much trial and error.  Thank GOODNESS for DIGITAL cameras! (and thank goodness to Matt!)

ThisIzTheEdge says:

I have a Canon too. All camera brands of the same type basically work the same way. I’m thankfull for Matt’s videos too. It’s really easy to understand what he’s talking about and uses good examples (and hot models too 😉 ) What I can’t stand is canon owners who put down nikon equipment and vice versa.

thatnikonguy says:

signature of all sophisticated men hey?

thatnikonguy says:

yep, just like the gangsters

Sham Bhangal says:

Oh wow, he’s wearing a 17% reflective grey suit. Why didnt I think of that?

shyam babu says:

hi,mattgran that was great tutorial,thanks shyamrbabu20@GMAIL.COM

thatnikonguy says:

cheers - my pleasure

thatnikonguy says:

Flash can be scary at the beginning – but it opens up a great, fun and exciting world of shooting! Get in there.

Paul Stewart says:

So right, I’ve just kind of marketing myself as a ‘natural light’ photographer, all because I don’t really want to delve into flash stuff. Now I think I should.

PSGrafixTV says:

you can also use the same technique for when taking portraits outside in a sunny day to stop the background from being blown out, just meter for the background/sky and then use a flash as a fill flash to brighten the person/people 🙂

les vanderhoof says:

thank you

Mhmd Masalkhi says:

Iam using a D7000 is it better to get i-TTL flash or not ?
iam stuck between the expensive nikon flashed and the yongnuo (560 ii or 560EX which is TT)
what do you recommend me to get and what is the difference ?

shyam babu says:

i am canon user but really thank full to you,it is very essential to get this kind of tutorial ” great thumb,thank you

dgobin1 says:

Just started watching this series……Fantastic!!!

bwilliamblock says:

Great tutorial! Why not use TTL metering here?

acmav289 says:

so instead of using HDR to compensate when having two exposures you can just use a flash! Then just meter for the bright window and use the strobe to light up the rest of the scene that would otherwise be dark. So awesome learned a lot! thanks!

Jimi Aditiajaya says:

dear matt,
i’m your fans from Jakarta Indonesia…
for Manual setting Vs TTL…
which one do you use or do you like?
need your advice.

thanks in advance,

INS1977 says:

great lessons 🙂 this is very common in my practice…

INS1977 says:

great videos…

sometimes strobes rulez,sometimes not

Jishnu Changkakoti says:

Hi Matt, this was really useful. Thanks a lot. I have been planning to buy a flash for a long time, and these tutorials will help me actually go ahead and buy it.
One question – any major advantage of SB800 over SB600? I am getting a SB 600 relatively cheap, so was wondering it makes sense to buy it instead of the SB800.

sistamolano says:

OMG!! Thanks a lot this has cleared up a lot of questions !!!

2Kdrive says:

Thanks !

twin rays says:

thanks for making this tuturial!!


Great Videos!!! Thanks for making the World of Photography Phenomenal 

Crux161 says:

great videos! hopefully i’ll finally start to learn how to use to rebel t3i 😀

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