Konova DSLR Slider Review

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www.learningdslrvideo.com Before I start in on the review I want to tell you about my little DIY dolly because before I had it I thought it would be the answer to all my slider needs. Well it wasn’t and I don’t use it that often, there are two reasons, speed of setup and smooth surfaces. For me I like to move fast from slider move to slider move and using the dolly on a large long board is just not what I call fast for set up time. Also a board does not work well on a board unless it is really smooth, this works best on glass or like a Formica counter top. I tell you this because the Konova slider is much faster to setup, especially in many different configurations. Over the past couple of years a lot of sliders made for DSLR’s have come out and a lot of them are really expensive and out of the reach of many amateurs. Basically there are two types of sliders, the less expensive friction sliders that use something smooth like Teflon, and the more expensive roller bearing type that can be very expensive. That is where this Konova slider is different, it has roller bearings and it is around the same price as the friction based sliders.


Bridgestone Coburg says:

Dave great work dude, with my unit I find some carriage movement back and forth if i put too much hand pressure, have got this before?

Gordack007 says:

Thanks I found it!

avetere71092 says:

how did you set up your camera for the shot at 1:30? aperture, iso, etc? did you use any filters or do anything to it in post?

Dave Dugdale says:

Go to my site and look at the menu bar.

Gordack007 says:

Where can I find your gear page? I hope this isn’t a stupid question.

Jonathan Fatigate says:

Hi Dave. Thank you for the great review. Did you ever make the instructional video explaining that tracking timelapse that you did with the non motorized Konova slider? I just ordered my slider and really want to try doing that. Thanks!

Matthijs Liethof says:

Nice review! Have you ever thought: I should have gotten the longer slider? Instead of the 32″ you have now.

rovipq says:

i really like this review, i am going to buy k5 for sure

Sebastian Joseph says:

Hey dave,
Just wondering whether its a K3 or K5 slider.
Which one you recommend.


Brian Michael says:

What do you use to Lubricate your Konova Slider?

ShadesOfAutumnSun says:

Hey Dave, I seen something about magic lantren broke the code to the 7d…Do you know anything about that?

Dave Dugdale says:

I plan on comparing them both at some point.

wpr2004 says:

Are you still happy with this slider now that you have had it for awhile? Any thoughts on the Rhino slider in comparison to the Konova slider? Thanks -Wes

aumkar chandan says:


pippo franco says:

I think it’ s too short for a decent rail work,

Kent Wong says:

Awesome! Thank you for reviewing this!!

SpeedFreakNO says:

Seems like a great slider, I’ll have to investigate to see if I can afford it 🙂 I see a lot of use for this.

Felipe Marrou says:

Enjoy your videos Dave. You arexgreatcon cam. I own one and shot in Cartagena and just came back from Machu Picchu. It works fanfastic and you are right sometimes you have to slides several times to get the shot.

iNicoTECH says:

Hey Dave i created my own cheap way to build a slider by using other YouTube users DIY sldier ideas. Just made the vid today check it out! Big fan of yours!

madassmac says:

I really like your videos! Thumbs up

obamasanazi says:


mikahnozuafify says:

nice job

haymocha says:

havent seen a better video in a while

Lorine887 says:


georgpaul49 says:

thanks mate

48047paulsplace says:


cretu97 says:

nice, work very nice

Blqna says:

Absolutely Stunning!!! Beautiful!? 

trung nguyễn đình minh says:

What did you use to make this video

sexyterri25 says:

That was freaking amazing. added to favorites!

Zamolxis0 says:


Dave Dugdale says:

Check out my gear page.

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