Landscape Photography 101: Landscape Photography Tips & Tricks

or copy the link Landscape Photography 101: Landscape Photography Tips & Tricks From focal points and lighting, to weather, foreground, shutter speed and more, Professional Photographer, David McLain, provides tips for capturing great landscape and nature photography. You’ll be shooting like a pro…


Sonia Soniy says:

Morning! Have you ever tried photo sfxart tricks (search for it)? My work buddy Jacky made some extraordinary photography with their video tutorials.

stimboi says:

@furqanrauf *shoot

stimboi says:

@furqanrauf you can should bulb. just scroll the shutter speed to its slowest.and you will get bulb!

furqanrauf says:

I have sony Nex C-3, absolutely love it, although I like low light cityscape photography and I cant use bulb mode because of no clicker options for sony nex c3.

HowdiniGuru says:

Thanks for all the great comments! We have a new summer playlist worth watching for some great summertime fun!

HowdiniGuru says:

Great! How are you liking your camera?

Aviva2008 says:

That sony e mount 18-200 lens showing on the table has got so much len barrel distortion!

Emmanuel Guddu says:

Thnx This is very useful tricks for me. I have Sony NEX-C3

SuperDanerz says:

A wealth of info in a very concise presentation – I love it

stinky242 says:

i want

1ErnieWood says:

I like the Panorama feature. The only way I’ve been able to shoot panorama before was to use a wide angle lens and then crop the picture.

elliiieeeex3 says:

this helps alot! thanks!

ruhiana says:

Thanks 🙂

GoodWhispers says:

thanks love this

cherista says:

wow….thanks for the tip…i too love capturing the nature beautiful scenery…helpful tips and awesome cool camera…love it<3

perfectlyric says:

wow ur photos are amazing

HowdiniGuru says:

David is using the Sony NEX-5N. Thanks for the question 🙂

aeriiiss says:

what camera is that?

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