Night Photography: Stacking Technique For Star Trails –

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In this Night Photography tutorial Patti Schulze gives you an alternate way to create star trail photographs. This technique, known as the stacking method, involves making a number of short exposures, and combining them using an action in Photoshop to create the illusion of one long exposure with long star trails. This method eliminates the need for using noise reduction and can dramatically reduce the amount of time needed in the field to create star trail photographs. Patti outlines the equipment, exposure, and Photoshop techniques needed to execute this wonderful Night Photography technique. Visit us online at


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keebaeklim says:

Very informative! Thanks, got a heavy tripod for my b day and just orderedme remote shutter. Now I just have to find a location! I’m thinking of hanging out on my roof lol

startphotography says:

Thanks for the excellent tutorial!

ron en says:

thank you, great guide.

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thankyou so much! now if only i could get the script to work!/download

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Plambey says:

thanks for this

iamthunderhorse says:

hey good video could you tell me was the photo takin in total darkness or dusk?

ajuk1 says:

Why not use film, it’s not like you’ll use much of it.

derek peters says:

Have you tried taking it to the next level with HDR?

madhusudhankn says:

Hey.. Thank you.. it has really helped me a lot..

chuda99 says:

Great tutorial. Thank you for sharing it!

poolmar666 says:

hi patti,. i have just installed dr browns image stacker for star trails,..but just as an experiment i took photos of 7 coffee cups on a a table, all around six iches apart , so that the final image in photoshop shows a table with around 7 coffee cups on it !! ……BUT!!…… how come some of cups are transparent ??….i am using the ‘maximum’ in the dialogue box ,.and ‘minimum ‘ …but i cant seem to work ut why the cups are transparent!!!….HELP.

liveforphotos says:

Patti, thank you so much for sharing this knowledge. I am interested in doing star trail photography and this has been a very helpful place to start!

wxb200 says:

Awesome tutorial!!! You sound a bit nervous, though… No need, you give a great presentation, my fellow photographer.

suddesphoto says:

Great video thanks for help. I was wondering if you could explain how to upload Keiths Software onto the bridge after it has been downloaded and where to go from there. Thanks.

Chrisjr2007 says:

thank you =]

UmpaLoempa says:

thanks, fun tutorial.

TheMindfulEye says:

I have the Canon Timer Remote Controller, TC-80N3. The controller has a timer, interval timer, long exposure timer and exposure-count setting.



popwar56 says:

what cable release do you have that you are able to set the settings you have?

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