Night Photography Tutorial – Focusing – Light Meter – Camera Settings Tips

or copy the link (Budget Equipment) A detailed video on Night Photography. You’ll find effective ways to slow down your shutter speed. In order to photograph cityscape at night you’ll have to do long exposure which allows to slow down your shutter speed in order to get the proper exposure without increasing your ISO. Don’t forget to subscribe as it’s FREE.


santoshgrg779 says:

Thank you very much. i am noob to photography. it’s helping me alot. tks.

Blu Bancucoque says:

aww man, your mic is clipping.

grig24x says:

I though that my right ear bud doesn’t work for a second LOL.


Just getting into photography love long night exposures great video really helped me out cheers

Helene Kelly says:

great vid 🙂 thanks

noealz1 says:

How about White Balance at night?

Nilesh Chaudhari says:

Hi Sir,
I am looking for starting Photography as my hobby…
im from india and want to get a nice camera for starting off with it…
Can u please suggest me a good camera in budget.

I have srched for Nikon P500, Canon Poweshot SX40, Sony DSC H100, and Nikon L810…

I dont know what sort of camera will suit my needs so can u help me regarding this….

Pls suggest do I need to go for a Point and Shoot Cam or a DSLR

If so then which would be ideal … like what things i need to consider for tht

kirayamato10astrike says:

I don’t care about your audio in the last part of your video, what I care is you “Educate People” by your knowledge in photography. Thanks a lot for sharing and teaching. Wish you good health.

mitchygirl11 says:

Cool! I need my tripod very soon.

jjdphotography says:

Great tips! My right ear hated it though ;-)

hdidane00 says:

which overall performing lens do you recommend for the 650D under $400 for taking videos and shots?

mibarra1978 says:

A great video tutorial. Thanks very much.

PhotographersOnUTube says:

Sorry about that. By the time we realized audio was that off, it was too late. The video took a long time to make so we left it as is but in future videos it’s fine for the most part. 🙂

nickharrington24 says:

Audio put me off but still a really helpful video! Thanks!

Shveti says:

How about moving people at low light. Under a tent with horrible pole lights…very low and some stage lights…speakers moving?

reuben12492 says:

I love your tutorials. Can you tell me what is the best way to meter when you take a landscape photograph. Say you have mountain, green grass and white snow on the mountain and some shades too. Where will you focus and get your meter reading. I shoot in manual mode and should I always make sure the needle is in the middle?

ketkiddy says:

such good advice ! i’m going out tonight for my first go at night photography, I have a Nikon D3100 with the basic 18-55mm Kit lens and a basic cheap tripod, I have watched so many videos on night photography on youtube but yours is the first i’ve seen to mention turning off VR and using MF !!! thanks :o)

CardioDoc2be says:

Great tips! Thanks for the tutorials. Looking forward to when my T4i arrives (my first dlsr), and to applying what I’m learning from your videos.

ralle474 says:

Great tutorial! One question though, I use nikon 18-55mm(the lens that comes with the camera, and a 55-300 but neither one of those have anything that shows if it’s focusing on infinity, so how am I supposed to do then?

Ahmed Said says:

Thanks Jib, great video. Can u explain how to do night photography for a landscapes in case there are some moving objects i.e. seaside with a castle and there is a small boat shaking on the sea because of waves and air. Or a person staying on rock next near the beach..etc. thanks a lot

kshitij1892 says:

My left ear approves of your video………

Krishnam Raju says:

Thanks Jib. I saw the infinity focusing video. Thanks for great videos. Learnt a lot from you practical videos.

PhotographersOnUTube says:

Yes, switch to MF and focus to infinity. Watch the infinity focusing video as there are 2 ways to do it.

Krishnam Raju says:

hi there, I will be shooting with Tokina 11-16mm on D5100 so there is no auto focus. I have to manually adjust the focus using the focus ring. In this scenario shall I switch to MF on lens in advance before switching on the camera and then set the focus to infinity manually? Please advise.

Alex Liu says:

Cheers mate, this vid helped heaps, one of the best tutorials on youtube.

allan9261975 says:

Do you have am instagram account? I would like to see some of your work. Thank you for your you tube videos, they are very helpful.

Charles Tamaki says:


PhotographersOnUTube says:

Because when VR is on, the motor inside the lens moves back and forth so the picture is not blurry but if the lens is on a tripod that means there is no physical movement of the lens but if the motor inside is moving then that makes the pictures very soft. That’s why VR/IS needs to be turned off every time you use a tripod.

PhotographersOnUTube says:

No, ND filter I normally use when I do long exposure during the day. At night, you don’t need ND filter. 

shredmasta says:

Why do you have to turn IS/VR off when using a tripod?

angelman88 says:

hey, just wondering do you use any ND filters to take these pictures?? thanks 🙂

Zaki yone says:


PhotographersOnUTube says:

The cost depends on the size of the filter ring. The bigger the ring, the more expensive it gets. You can get a quality Hoya 9 stop filter for around 100 bucks. You don’t have to buy Singh Ray for $300. The cheap alternative is welding glass but you’ll have to do DIY. Buy the welding glass and try to attach it to your lens. You’ll have to reverse the lens hood so it doesn’t touch the lens glass and damage the lens.

jeffrockr says:

is there an alternative to a very expensive 9stops filter… all my long exposure are coming all white, unless Im lucky enough to get a cloudy or darker daylight. they said it was about 275$ for a good 9stops, but they also told there was one you can adjust but giving a less fluid result for about 80$ …

Nick Spade says:

ok thank you..

PhotographersOnUTube says:

Yes, because it takes a long time to get the exposure which is same thing as slower shutter speed.

Nick Spade says:

by long exposure.., u mean slower shutter speed?

hgbegood says:

i watch ur every video, but man! u gotta get a beetter mic

zcarenow says:

you should organize a photo travel tour where people can meet you somewhere in the world and we can learn how to take pics with tips on famous landmarks that meets your traveling schedule should you do this… 🙂

chinmayllb says:

Hello Jib,
i watched this video & i hav been trying Long Exposure Night Photography bt I’m facing major a problm..

I am getting too much noise even on the lowest ISO
(D3100). I tried using noise reduction ON/Off, but nothing seems to help..

How do i get rid of this?? could you please help??

chinmayllb says:

Hello Jib, recently i hav been trying night photography bt I’m facing major a problm..
I am getting too much noise even on the lowest ISO (D3100). I tried with noise reduction ON/Off, but nothing seems to help..
How do i get rid of this?? could you please help??

Abhishek Mayekar says:

Thanks a lot Jib….for prompt reply.i will note this…thanks

PhotographersOnUTube says:

Manually focus to infinity and leave it there so when you take the picture it doesn’t try to refocus. Cable release in BULB mode is a must.

hgbegood says:

love the intro!! but the audio is unbalanced :/

Abhishek Mayekar says:

Hi Jib thanks for this informative video..can u just give tip for photography fr fireworks it is very difficult focus on fire works..

PhotographersOnUTube says:

Thank you! Alright, so you’re from UK which means you’d have to do the light trails probably around winter as it would get dark early and you’ll get lots of cars when people are headed home from work. In summer, by the time it gets dark there aren’t that many cars on the road. You don’t need any flash or rear curtain sync. Simply open the shutter for a 15 seconds or what ever and that’s it. Just find a nice spot with good composition and you’re good. Thanks for watching. 🙂

PhotographersOnUTube says:

I’m normally on auto but I am about to do a video on different white balance presets for different look. I use auto because it’s pretty accurate most of the time and if it’s not then it can be tweaks in post processing. Thanks for watching. 🙂

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